Gay In The Middle is a blog dedicated to sex toy and product reviews. If you have a product that you would like me to review but are unsure if I will, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Article turnaround for product reviews can range between 10 and 20 days once a product is received. If more than one item is sent please allow this time frame – I will inform you if this is the case and we can discuss deadlines if necessary. I will never link to competitors companies and stores within a review, I will however on occasion link through to other reviews on my blog when comparing similarities between products.

My reviews are of my own honest opinion; just because I receive a product for free does not guarantee a positive review. Companies do not control the words that I use, I will use specific key words provided by companies if need be but what I write belongs to me. I will not return a product or pay for it if a review is negative. I will not remove, review or change my wording at the request of a company. If the product is damaged in transit, does not arrive or experiences any other issues, I am not liable for any costs associated.

Failing to read the policies I have set out for Gay In The Middle and then challenging me if something is not deemed acceptable in your opinion is at nobody’s fault but your own. I cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise from problems that simply could have been prevented if this page had been read prior.

Sponsored Advertising and Posts

Gay In The Middle currently accepts sponsorship for both advertisements and blog posts.

Sponsored blog posts will always be over 1000 words, these will cost $65 AUD paid via PayPal. They will be disclosed as paid posts. If you would prefer a specific word count this can be discussed and I will sort out a price. Links to your website can be provided in sponsored blog posts. Once payments have been discussed I will begin writing, a draft will be sent prior to posting articles, which you are more than welcome to provide modest feedback.

I also offer my services as a freelance journalist who produces exclusive content for external companies. This content includes product descriptions – 200-300 words $20 each, depending on how many you would like, the overall price can be discussed. Exclusive content articles will generally include a count of 700-1500 words at $65 each. Multiple exclusive content articles can be commissioned and prices can be discussed in detail privately.

Gay In The Middle uses 120×160 pixel banners. Advertising sponsors start at $40 for one month, $90 for three months (25% discount) and 6 months is $180 (25% discount). This can be paid through PayPal or bank transfer, I cannot alter these prices and conversion rates are out of my hands.


I reserve the right to affiliate my blog with any companies I choose. You should be a company that promotes sex positivity and body-safe products, if you feature any of the below oppressive practices I reserve every write to cut all ties. You must have at least a 10% commission rate.

Morals Clause

I reserve any and all right to refuse product reviews, affiliation or sponsorship from your brand if you distribute a ridiculously high amount of non body safe toys, or if in my opinion I find any of your practices sexist, racist, homophobic, fat-shaming, transphobic or anything else of an oppressive nature. I will also take the time to alter a review or article if in future I find that you have failed to represent your company and/or products in a way that I don’t align my values with.