Don’t call it a comeback, but, hey.

I’ve been gone for 12 months. I chose to leave this behind as I began to crave something else in my life, something that brought me happiness, excitement and a steady wage. It’s been 12 months and I’m happy with where I’m at but at the same time, I’ve missed the fuck out of this place.

3 months ago I received a message on a dating app where a guy had recognised me from here and he was looking for some advice – well, he was looking for poppers, but in this line of work I see all questions as seeking some form of advice. I was hesitant to reply because I had left this business behind and I totally wasn’t ready to admit that yes I was that guy from that sex toy website and yes I felt very attacked for being recognised – who the fuck am I.

So I bit the bullet and replied, gave my advice and figured life would keep going. Sex toy business once again left in the past. Fast forward 3 months; following a failed attempt at trying to do something about that interaction with that guy (feelings are fucking hard) and the ever growing self pity, I’ve found myself here. Writing a blog? Lol. On my inactive website. Yikes.

So to break it down,

I haven’t written a review in well over 12 months. I haven’t used a sex toy, other than a fleshlight since January.
The last time I interacted with someone was March and it was embarrassingly awful for all parties involved – sorry to you if you’re reading this.

Oh and I’ve figured out (with some psych help) that although I’m gay, I also fall into the area of grey/demi-sexual so that’s something worth looking into later down the track I guess.

In saying all of this, I have about 25 toys that I received last year that never ended up with a review so hey, let’s get the fuck into it and see where this doozy takes us.


oh and another thing, if you’re still looking for poppers, message me.