100% FUCK ENERGY – TOSU TWO – A party of a buttplug brought to you by MEO

After a considerable length of time away from writing, I figured there’s no time like the present to talk about the butt plug that requires twerking.

This review is brought to your screens by my pals over at MEO. Based out of Germany, MEO are THE guys to go to for all your wild toys. They so generously chucked me this toy in return for my honest opinion and half-baked review. Enjoy!

Listed on the MEO website, this doozy of a butt plug is called “100% FUCK ENERGY – TOSU TWO” I have zero clue what the fuck that means but if it’s something along the lines of “this plug is gonna fuck you up” then that makes perfect sense. Now, the TOSU comes across pretty simply, it’s a butt plug. It’s firetruck red and made of body safe aluminium – aka smooth as fuck. The TOSU also has a flared base to make sure your ass won’t swallow the entire toy. Oh, and it has two balls inside of it that pack a punch. 

Two little balls that pack a punch?

Yeah, the TOSU stands out from other butt plugs on the market because it has two steel balls inside the insertable part of the toy. Think of it as having its own Newtons Cradle packed inside. (picture for reference)


I find this toy to be mesmerising. Not only in the way that it feels incredible inside my ass, but the whole concept of the balls inside clashing together to create this level of kinetic energy that really fucks. Again, wow. I’ve used many toys in my life and this plug I think, is the first that has left me genuinely craving more after every use. The only hang up I have with the TOSU is the ridiculous and precise way I have to move my body to use it. MEO suggest on their website to get on all fours and thrust your ass back and forth, and well, now we’re back to talking about twerking with a toy in your ass and that’s truly the only way I’ve found success in getting that real…punched in the ass by an invisible force kind of feeling, you know?

Measuring in at 5 1/2 inches with a 2 inch thickness – bruh –  the TOSU is also a pretty decent length, basically it’s long enough to slam into the prostate with each booty thrust, trust me, this toy is wild. If the TOSU were and longer I’d be worried about it punching its way through my small intestine. Here’s the TOSU compared to the greatest dildo of all time, aka the Boomer Banks replica

Now, I’ve never been fisted. Pondered the thought, watched a couple of videos but never been that daring, I mean yeah okay I’ve shoved some pretty fucking thick dildos up my ass in the past but having someones hand up there, possibly elbow deep, kinda irks me. Now I’m rambling, how did we get here? Either way, all I’m saying is, how the TOSU makes me feel, is how I assume fisting feels – just less fingernails. 

In all seriousness, the TOSU is a party I don’t want to end – and I fucking hate parties. Get one, treat your butt, fuck yourself silly and enjoy all that kinetic energy and science going on in your asshole. It’s a trip.