Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze 3 for 1

Been gone for a minute, now I’m back! 

Miss Me?

I’ve been MIA for a whole hot minute but holy shit balls am I happy to be back. And is there any better way than to burst back onto the scene with some neat toys from my old pals at Tenga? Nah, didn’t think so. 

We all know one of Tenga’s staple toys are the air-tech’s – if you’ve followed me over the years, I’ve probably reviewed one – who knows, not me, but you get the point. If you have a dick there’s a pretty solid chance you’ve had an air-tech on it at some point; if not, now is the perfect time to pop your air tech cherry with the new and improved Air-Tech Squeeze. 

The new and improved Air-Tech Squeeze comes in three flavours to wet your dick whistle. 

Strong (black)

Regular (red) 

Gentle (white)

Tenga have taken one of their staple toys and changed the game. The case is now a malleable plastic that flexes under the pressure of… you guessed it, how tight you squeeze it. The size of the case has also been increased, giving it that full fist feel so it’s easy to hold onto. On a side note I don’t know if it’s the combination of the improvements but it doesn’t feel like I’m holding a sand timer on my dick as I recall the OG air-tech giving me full Days of Our Lives vibes with those chunky cases. Oh and I almost forgot the best part! The TPE sleeves now cover the entire opening! Fuck yes Tenga! No more thinking I’m about to cut myself if I pull out in the moment and accidentally push the whole damn sleeve up inside the toy. Snaps for you Tenga.

As ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing the cases are, let’s talk about what counts. How the fuck do they feel? I’ve had a pretty blessed week getting to know these three newbies. On arrival I was drawn to the black one, solely because I like it tight – the black case is also a whole mood but that’s just me being a sucker for good packaging. I’m also a sucker for masturbators that feature chunky, ribbed inclusions. I don’t know how they do it but I’m pretty sure this is the best Tenga toy I’ve had the pleasure of using. If you want that real, drain the soul out of your dick feel, always bet on black. 

As for the other two?

I feel like the red/regular Air-Tech Squeeze was designed for foreskin. Being unable to speak from experience – shoot me – but there are these little spirally nubs that fill this sleeve which I can only imagine tease the fuck out of a super sensitive tip. I mean, I enjoy the regular sleeve but even with constant hold over the little air hole, the suction just isn’t there for me. Sensation wise, I’m pretty de-sensitised when it comes to toys that don’t pack a lot of suction, call it being bored, call it circumcision. Either way I’m not much for a lack of suction.


The white/gentle was exactly as I expected. I want to describe it as “blousey”, not that there’s anything the matter with that but it sort of remind me of jerking off with a sock filled with too much lube. Kind of like the Air-Tech Squeeze was the sock and the sleeve texture was a lube covered lining? I don’t know. I’m not a fan of masturbators that are described as “gentle” but I’m fully onboard with toys being designed for people with sensitivity quirks; and the slightly spaced out winding ribs will be a blessing for certain penises – just not this one.


A few things worth noting.

  • Never use silicone based lube with Tenga toys. It may feel great but it will destroy the chemical composition of the sleeve – science!
  • Always wash your toys thoroughly! Get that sleeve out of the case and rinse with warm water, throw in a little toy cleaner or non-hypoallergenic soap. 
  • Dry that shit with a towel! Paper towel can honestly GTFO. It just sticks to the sleeve (it’s so squishy)! A soft cotton towel will do the trick and honestly, look after your toys and they’ll look after you. 

That’s it, that’s my review.

Welcome back.