Satisfyer for Men – The Lost Review

I’m back!

Yeah, it’s been a minute.

Yeah, my laptop is still fucked.

Yeah, I’m still doing this thing.

Now that we’ve caught up, (if you’re new here, what’s up?) let’s talk about this doozy. The Satisfyerfor Men.

Side note: I actually wrote this review months ago and then completely forgot about it. #whoops

I received this guy free of charge in return for this review. This is Satisfyer’sfirst time designing a toy for those with penises so let’s get into it.

Like most toys designed for dicks, the Satisfyerfor Men is pretty standard. Tube shaped toy with a TPE sleeve housed within its core. There are two openings; one to release pressure at the tip, the other to keep the opening tucked away when not in use. Something that does set the Satisfyerfor Men apart from other masturbators on the market is the core of the tube.

Now, I must admit. When I first saw the Satisfyerfor Men advertised online I was pumped. There was very little known about it and to me, it looked like a masturbator that had a cool little vibration feature. Fast forward to having it in my hands – I was sorely disappointed to find out that it was no more than a regular old wank tool. Bit of a bummer I know, but hey, you can’t satisfy everyone – see what I did there? I’ll see myself out.

Okay, so the Satisfyerfor Men bummed me out with the lack of a vibe, it did impress me though with its design. A sleek body made up of silicone and ABS plastic. The toy is quite light in the hand and holding it feels pretty nice. The lid is a bit fiddly around the sleeve if the sleeve isn’t locked into place but overall, it’s a nice little unit. There are also multiple sleeves available to purchase. Each sleeve features a different texture. The texture supplied with the main unit is pretty bland I must admit. I’m a sucker for strong texture and this sleeve is just far too smooth for my taste.

What about these cushions?

The inner core of the Satisfyerfor Men is where this toy lost me. There are two air cushion-like pockets on either side of the core that houses the sleeve. These cushions line up with the squishy grooves on the outer sleeve and provide a sort of suction.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not a fan of masturbators that feature suction on the side. I can’t help it – I’m old school when it comes to my wankers and added suction/squeeze functions just don’t impress me.

Clap for ’em!

I do have to hand it to Satisfyer as a whole for finally releasing a product for people with dicks. They also get a big plus in my books for providing a masturbator that doesn’t cost an absurd amount of money. The added benefit of being able to buy other sleeves with different textures does keep me interested enough to want to give it another shot as well.

Clean up is pretty straightforward. Warm water, soap, dry with paper towel and dust with cornstarch. You’re good to go.

As of publishing this review, Satisfyer have released two new toys targeted towards men. They both feature vibe functions if that’s your thing and they’re both super affordable.