New Standard Eggs by Tenga

Can I just take some time to say how much I appreciate the babes at Tenga. Once again they’ve hooked ya boy up with some pretty slick treats. The New Standard Eggs are quite possibly the most exciting, solely because of their packaging! I mean look at these fuckers in their carton!

Like always, this review was published in exchange for these freebies – all comments and opinions are my own. You can pick up Tenga toys from most places – check ‘em out and be blessed. (Disclaimer for anyone outside the US and Asia; these babes aren’t directly available to purchase just yet – sorry!)

Tell it like it is

Tenga’s New Standard Eggs are easily my favourite type of toy – quick, simple and discrete. The Eggs are a simple toy; a masturbator enclosed within a plastic shelled egg. Each Egg is made of Tenga’s signature TPE and comes with a sample of Hole Lotion. The six eggs in the New Standard package have a different texture to the next. Each one features its own piece of excitement – it just depends on how intense you like it.

  • Boxy features angled boxes that bring pleasure from two directions, opposing angles provide sensations unlike any I’ve ever felt.
  • Brush is packed to the brim with long, twisted strokers that move in a waving motion as you stroke. Give it a twist and each stroke will intensify as the mini brushes push you closer to ecstasy.
  • Tornado is twisted pleasure at its finest. The further you twist, the more these spirals will envelop you. Quite passé at first but the more you twist, the better it gets.
  • Sphere. I don’t even know where to begin with this. These nugget like orbs with knots adorn the egg and make every sensation pop! I fucking love the Sphere okay!
  • Wavy II is an improvement on the original. Now featuring vertical lines along with the wavy horizontals, this egg ups the “meh” factor to an “ooh” factor.
  • Silky II looks like a spider web. Subtle stimulation is delivered with this egg – if you’re super sensitive, this is the egg for you.

All in All

So there you have it, the New Standard Eggs each have their own fun textures to provide hours of fun. Personally the Sphere is my fave but every dick is different; it really is just a game of trial and error to find your new bae.

The recommended use of one of these bad boys is a one and done type of deal but like all Tenga toys, if taken care of properly, they’ll last longer. That being said, if you crank it too hard you will burst through the sleeve. It’s best to take your time and enjoy every little sensation the New Standard Eggs offer.