Lelo Loki Wave

Sup family?

It’s time to talk about the latest little doozy to grace my butthole. It’s blue, silky smooth and pricey a.f. This my friends, is the Lelo Loki Wave.

I received the Loki Wave from my pals over at Lelo. Free of charge, in return for this spicy review. Like always, all Lelo products are available directly from Lelo and most retailers. Check ‘em out, treat yo’self and be blessed.

Right off the bat, the Loki Wave is pretty chill. I’m 100 percent into the royal blue colouring and the fact that it’s an improvement on the original Loki, just butters my biscuit. The sleek silicone (Lelo’s signature) is unmatchable and the waterproof capability makes the Loki Wave pretty much useable wherever you are. Just don’t submerge it – this toy is expensive and you do not want to risk killing it in the tub.

How is she though?

In use, the controls are incredibly straightforward and somewhat similar to the Loki. Although they are now a flush silicone (align with the entire hand piece), it can be difficult at times to figure out where exactly the controls are. This does get easier over time though – it’s just a matter of remembering what button does what and where it is.

There are 8 modes in total for you to choose from with the Loki Wave. The intensities range with each mode and you don’t have to use the come-hither motion simultaneously. I don’t know why you would use one without the other but hey, that’s up to you, not me. You can also differentiate between the shaft vibrating or the bulb that rests on your taint, trust me, sometimes you will want to switch between these because you might not want to feel the Loki Wave in your teeth.

As always, a high quality water-based lube is all that’s necessary with the Loki Wave. Silicone lube will destroy the toy and you really don’t want that. Once you’ve decided on your lube and figured out the controls, it’s best to use the Loki Wave either laying on your back or on your side. I’ve run into problems with the tightness of my butt and how it grasps onto the toy. If you plan on experiencing the full come hither motions of the Loki Wave, make sure you’ve got a firm grasp. If you don’t hold on tight you’ll jut end up with the end of the toy in your butt and the handle moving on its own – defeating the purpose of the tip hitting your prostate.

Like all Lelo products, the Loki Wave cleans up in a pinch with warm soapy water. It comes with a snazzy little carry bag that keeps dust away and the USB charging cord all bundled up with the toy.