The Rentman from Mr. Hankey’s Toys

I’m baaackkk!

Yes, despite a dead laptop, a brand new day job and a depleted sex drive (yay meds!) ya boy is back. Miss me?

Today’s little/big doozy is brought to you by Mr Hankey’s Toys. As always, check ‘em out over here, treat ya butthole and be blessed.

Who is she though?

Not gonna lie, I could’ve died when I met the Rentman. Yeah okay that sounds absurd but death could’ve happened. This fucker is huge and I LOVE it! Measuring in at a whopping 11 inches (9 insertable) with a modest 7.5-inch girth this beast is everything. Check him out next to my Boomer Banks replica – jaw dropping.

Like all products from Mr Hankey’s Toys the Rentman is made of 100% platinum silicone. Available in three colours and medium/firm or 75% soft thickness, the Rentman caters to everyone.

The Rentman comes in four sizes. I went with the medium but after a few great months with him as my go-to,honeslty I think I could conquer any size (not really but a guy can dream). A fun little fact about the Rentman is that it’s a replica cast of an actual person. The smallest size that measures in at 9.5 inches and 6.12 inches thick is an exact replica of some dude who calls himself the Rentman – who knew!

But how does she hold up?

If you’re looking for a dildo that is insanely detailed the Rentman is legitimately the perfect choice. From the tip to the balls, this piece is a work of art. The details are actually incredible – I’ve never seen a dildo with such a detailed frenulum. The head of the dildo has a subtle girth that helps differentiate from the shaft (especially in the dark). Speaking of which, the veins that adorn the shaft are crazy. Just look at them!

With all of Mr Hankey’s toys it is possible that you can use a high quality silicone lube. I prefer a long lasting, almost viscous water based lube like JLube but it all depends on preference. I enjoy JLube solely because it lasts longer and it just makes the experience a hell of a lot better with bigger toys.

Clean up is a breeze with the Rentman. Being silicone you can boil it if that’s your thing but a rinse with warm water and some toy cleaner are more than enough. This guy attracts dust like nothing else so make sure to keep it stored safely.

Final thoughts

All in all the Rentman has been another great experience from Mr Hankey’s Toys. I honestly cannot think of any cons when it comes to this dildo – it’s that good!