Tenga EV Masturbator

Sooo, it’s been a minute since we last caught up hey? I’ve been super busy with a brand new job – full time y’all – so things have gotten a tad slack over here. My bad, I know but hey, here’s a review I thought I’d posted a month back. Sooorrryyyyy.

My faves over at Tenga hooked me up with the newest version of the Flip Zero and let me tell ya how it all went down. As always, this review has been provided free of charge in exchange for my honest thoughts. Check out your local sex shop, go-to retailer or even Tenga themselves for some pretty sick times.

The Flip Zero EV (electronic version) is basically the glowed up variant of the Flip Zero. Let’s be frank, I fucking hated the Flip Zero. I found it boring, the texture wasn’t all that great and every time I used it, it felt like my dick was inside a pillow. I had an ex who swore by it and claimed it was the best texture he’d experienced in a toy. Let me tell you though, Texture. Is. EVERYTHING. And the texture of the Flip Zero just didn’t cut it for me.

Anyway, the EV is legit the opposite of the Flip Zero. The texture has been massively improved, the opening is now located at the opposite end (so it isn’t joined together by the split) and it has a fucking vibrating function. Oooh boy does it have a vibrating function. The vibes aren’t anything too special and they don’t really pack a punch; but the combined vibes with the improved textures make the EV incredibly fun. The EV is made of Tenga’s signature TPE, which I assume, makes it good for around 50 uses. Yes, this could be seen as a pricey investment for something you’ll have to throw out one day, but honestly, treat yourself. You won’t regret it.

Something else that makes the EV incredibly fun is its packaging. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for slick packaging and the EV is amazing. Everything from the box to the storage case, the EV is fancy a.f. and I am HERE FOR IT! Another thing that makes the EV stand out from its predecessor is the stability of its base. Given that the base now also doubles as a charging station, it needed the stability. My Flip Zero continuously fell off its base and still won’t fully stand up on its own without the plastic shell around it.

The EV is splash proof but I wouldn’t risk it when it comes to fancy toys. I clean mine out with a good quality, alcohol free toy cleaner and baby wipes. They work wonders and always leave the toy smelling great. Because the EV features conductive charging, you can rinse it under a tap but I just prefer my cleaning methods. I must admit, drying the EV is still as much a hassle as the Flip Zero. You need to get into every nook and cranny and after drying out each and every spot, double check it. Any bit of liquid, bodily fluid or moisture left in the EV can screw up the TPE and mould will grow – nobody wants mould on their dick.