Magnetic Donut Cock Ring by MEO

I’m about to introduce you guys to my favourite accessory. It’s round, sleek and heavy as fuck. It’s “the oh so easy” Magnetic Donut Cock Ring from MEO and my dicks newest friend.

I received the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring from MEO, free of charge, in return for this spicy review. Like always, all MEO products are available directly from MEO. Check ‘em out, treat yo’self and be blessed.

Tell me about it, sis

Getting into it, there are four available sizes for the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring (MDCR for short) 40, 45, 50 and 55mm. These sizes are of the inner diameter and it’s always best to choose a size slightly larger than the joint circumference of your dick and balls – if you plan on wearing the MDCR for extended periods of time, like myself. If you prefer a tighter grip, pick a smaller size and enjoy the pinch! I chose the 45mm ring and it weighs in at 341 grams; I’m not even kidding when I say this but the swing it provides is incredible. The other sizes are also weighted differently so just take that as a warning.

What I love most about the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring is how incredibly easy it is to use. The attachment takes mere seconds. I’ll admit, the snapping noise of the magnets is scary at first and sure, it’ll hurt if you get a stray pube or a bit of skin stuck in the middle – be cautious with the MDCR and you’ll be fine though.

My favourite thing about the MDCR is that it’s designed to be used over long periods of time. Now, I’ve never used a cock ring for an extended amount of time – to be frank, I really don’t enjoy that constriction – the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring though is just too good not to wear for hours on end. This ring fits me perfectly and wearing it over an extended amount of, I feel literally zero constriction. I truly do think I’ve found the perfect cock ring in this guy.

Alcohol = Clean

Cleaning the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring is pretty straightforward. If you wear it during sex its best to clean it as soon as possible to avoid rusting. Alcohol wipes are strongly suggested instead of rinsing the MDCR under water – this is due to the magnets. If water comes into contact with the magnets you run the risk of them becoming dislodged from the ring. I cannot stress enough; just use an alcohol wipe or any other type of hygiene wipe to clean this ring.

But can it kill Me?

While we’re on the subject of magnets, it’s best to keep the MDCR away from all types of electronics or anything that contains an electronic field. If you have a medical implant such as a pacemaker or insulin pump, keep away from this ring. That being said, I do have an insulin pump and when I’ve used the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring I’ve just made sure to keep my pump away from the ring.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Magnetic Donut Cock Ring is hella spicy. If you want a ring to fit snug around your meat and potatoes, this might just be the perfect fit. Just don’t forget the alcohol wipes and magnetic fields.