Doxy Don Massager

Alright, I’m back with another review for another sick Aussie retailer. Nikki Darling tossed me my very own Doxy Don and let me tell ya; my experience was all over the place. As always, check out Nikki Darling, treat yo’self and be blessed.

I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear

I had never used a Doxy product until the Don fell into my life. I will admit, I had incredibly high expectations going into this review because of everything I’ve heard about Doxy products – namely Doxy Wands. Admittedly, I was left speechless with the Don; unfortunately it wasn’t the good type of speechless.

The Don in a nutshell, is an anal toy. The nub at the top is supposed to be inserted into your butt and it’s designed to target the prostate for guys and pretty much anyone else’s butt – that is if you’re into vibes in your butthole.

The majority of the Don’s body is made of silicone. The silicone has a sort of matte texture to it and I found it sort of meh when it came to holding onto lube. Basically, I found myself applying soooo much lube every time I took the Don out of my ass and it got pretty annoying after a while. The overall length of the Don is 8 inches and the insertible tip measures in at 2.1 inches. The base is made of ABS plastic and it has a non-slip grip on the bottom. The power cord is 12ft long and you can bet your ass you’ll get it EVERYWHERE while you’re using the Don. The remote is made of ABS with three soft buttons that control strength and function – pretty straightforward.

How Is She Though?

Now, I’ve had plenty of prostate massagers in my ass and surprisingly the Don just felt weird. With the Don in place I found it incredibly difficult to hit my prostate. I have a strong feeling it’s due to the length of the nub/tip and that it isn’t curved. Guys, a curved toy is almost essential when it comes to prostate toys and sadly, I didn’t get any type of enjoyment from using it anally.

Although I don’t enjoy the Don in my ass, it does feel pretty great when used as a massager. Using it to target the frenulum sounds like a pretty wild suggestion but trust me, it’s party city. What I like about the Don is the power it packs. The rumbles are intense and teeth chattering and when held directly against the frenulum, it delivers.

One final thing about the Don is I’m bummed it doesn’t have a storage bag. I tried keeping it in the box but the silicone had a weird reaction with the cardboard and the body of the Don now has this weird line down the cross section of the toy. It’s almost like the box rubbed against the toy and altered the chemical makeup of the silicone.

Final Thoughts

Thoughts aside; I had an interesting time with the Don and in return I had one of the most difficult experiences writing about it. Will it become a new favourite? Fat chance, but the Don will always be the first Doxy brand toy I got to try out and that alone, was thrilling as fuck.