Pleasurenana Double Ended Masturbator

I sat for what felt like hours in the hope of coming up with a joke about this latest toy. To no avail I just decided it’d be best to be up front. This is the Pleasurenana and it is a hoot.

I received the Pleasurenana from IMTOY, free of charge in return for my honest review. Hit them up for some of the softest feeling silicone toys and this beaut of a unique toy.

LMAO, What?

The Pleasurenana in simple terms is a banana that you fuck. Yep, someone finally went along and made a sex toy that looks like food that you can put your dick in. To be frank, it’s pretty fucking wonderful. The packaging for the Pleasurenana is incredibly to the point and simple. With the only form of information/instructions on the back of the cardboard sheet, the Pleasurenana would have to be the most straightforward toy I own – and that’s saying something.

The ABS plastic case of the Pleasurenana is a sunny yellow that I am incredibly fond of. The TPE sleeve is housed in the body of the faux-nana and both ends are removable. For those who aren’t keen on sticking their dick into realistic orifices, don’t fret; the holes featured are completely genderless. That being said, one end supposedly represents the feel of a vagina (personally I can’t confirm this) and the other opening represents the tightness of a booty hole (I’d say it’s a 50/50 likeness).

Each end of the Pleasurenana can be closed while you’re inserted to provide extra suction. I do have an issue with this given that I like a lot of suction. Still, it’s nothing to get fussy over if you have some sticky tape handy. The overall comfort of the outer shell is easy to grip and I can’t really complain. The toy has an overall novelty feel to it but the inner sleeve is no joke.

The inner sleeve of the Pleasurenana is incredibly fun. The straightforward, open-ended design of the sleeve allows a decent amount of pleasure that differs slightly – depending on which opening you use. The texture is pretty generic but the tightness of the sleeve enhances the pleasure that the Pleasurenana provides.



Fun’s over, now what?

Clean up is pretty simple with the Pleasurenana. Pulling the sleeve out of the case will allow you to get into every nook of the sleeve. Warm water and a bit of toy cleaner are perfect for the job and once it’s dry, a dusting of corn flour or toy refreshing powder will return the sleeve to its supple nature.

The Pleasurenana has quickly become a new fave of mine and I would recommend it to anyone looking at trying out a new sleeve that is quite handsomely on the cheaper side. The texture is perfect and if you can get over the idea of fucking a banana; you’ll love the Pleasurenana.