blewit! Male Performance + Masturbator

I’ve had my eye on the blewit! masturbator for as long as I can remember. When I was offered the opportunity from my good pals over at Forbidden Fruit – I was too thrilled.

I received the blewit! from Forbidden Fruit, free of charge in return for my honest review. Forbidden Fruit is one of Australia’s leading adult product retailers; check them out for some of the best toys on the market.

How does she look?

The blewit! is a masturbator that is marketed toward training men to last longer in the bedroom. I must admit, I was quite humbled by the packaging. A lot of masturbators are focused on to the point descriptions. “Grab this toy, put your dick in it, yadayadayada”. The blewit! on the other hand takes a more laidback approach. The back of the box features a few diagrams that point out the functions of the toy, it also features an image of the internal texture and a bit of basic information about the unit. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing also, you all know how I feel about nice packaging, and the blewit! ticks plenty of boxes.

On opening the extravagant box, the blewit! unit is displayed snugly. The inside lid features step-by-step instructions on how to use the blewit! and underneath the toy there is a performance ring accompanied by the instruction book. I’ve gotta say, the layout and design of this toy is incredibly charming. The colouring is bold and the curved edges of the case provide an artistic flare.

Tell us what she’s really like!

In use, the blewit! is pretty damn fun. It isn’t too heavy which is a plus for longer sessions and the curvature of the case allows users to grip onto it in a number of different ways to make it as comfortable as possible. The tightness of the TPE sleeve is bang on when it comes to sliding into the blewit! if you prefer a looser opening you can pop out the performance ring inside the lip of the case and switch over to the larger ring in the box. The lid of the case has a built in suction cap – basically press it in to release pressure or keep it sealed for tightness.

The texture of the sleeve is very similar to that of a honeycomb design. The stacked bumps that line the sleeve invoke some pretty intense sensations and as I mentioned earlier, the sleeve is jut tight enough to get the job done in a pretty short amount of time – if that’s your style. Seen as how the blewit! is designed as a performance enhancer in regards to training guys to last longer, I can’t really tell if that’s actually the case. I’m not really a three pump Chuck kind of guy but I do understand how it can be a decent training aid if guys find themselves suffering from the dreaded death grip/desensitization that chronic masturbation can result in.

Side note regarding the blewit! sleeve.

It has a scent that reminds me of lemonade ice blocks. This is a smell that I’ve loved since childhood so it genuinely makes playtime with the blewit! even more exciting for me personally. If you aren’t a fan of the smell, I can’t really help you with getting rid of it.

Party’s over, now what?

A feature that the blewit! is prided on is its ability to be self drying with the cases own built in drying system. The lid of the case has a whole lot of tiny holes that act as an air vent and once the suction cap is unscrewed, it reveals a bunch of other tiny holes. This ventilation system is designed to help dry out the blewit! once it has been washed out with warm water and toy cleaner, this method however did not work for me.

Clean up for the blewit! states that once it has been rinsed out and the ventilation holes have been exposed, it will dry in the case because the sleeve isn’t removable; this wasn’t the case for me though. During the rinse out process my sleeve somehow fell out of the case, which in turn made clean up a hell of a lot easier for me. I know it kind of defeats the purpose of the toy being self-drying and all that jazz but being able to remove it from the case just makes everything easier. Once dry, a quick dusting of cornstarch or toy renewal powder will leave it feeling soft and supple.

There’s a second side note?

The lubricant, lubeit! that you can buy separately is hard to talk about excitedly. It’s a pretty average water-based lubricant that is produced by Sliquid. It tends to evaporate pretty fast while in use and re-applications are necessary. One plus side though about it is that it doesn’t become tacky or sticky like most water-based lubricants.

blewit! Final Thoughts.

The blewit! is an incredibly fun and exciting take on the standard masturbator. The sensations are intense, the design is classy and the overall feel of the sleeve is perfect. I would recommend the blewit! to people who are looking for a masturbator that is tight, intense and full of suction. If you aren’t into strenuous cleaning sessions, I’d give it a pass. Although I also wouldn’t let that be the one thing to write off an incredibly good time.