Tenga Flex – Rocky Black & Silky White Masturbators

Well, they’ve finally done it. Tenga have officially won me over with their newest lineup. I’m calling it now; the Tenga Flex Rocky and Silky are two of the best masturbators I’ve used all year.

I received the Tenga Flex Rocky Black and Silky White from Tenga, free of charge in return for my honest review.

“Lose yourself in spiraling sensations!” is the opening line on the information page for both the Flex Rocky and Flex Silky. I can’t say I was all too sure of the idea of “losing myself” while using a toy but nonetheless, both Flex masturbators have been successful in making me lose myself, time after time.

How does she look?

The inner sleeves of both Flex toys are made of Tenga’s signature TPE material. Each features a unique inner texture. The Rocky Black being filled with an array of strong, spiraling ribs provides a tight grip, while the Silky White provides a gentler, ribbed spiral with a lighter grip. Both sleeves are housed in a malleable, spiral-ribbed case that allows users more control with each stroke. Whether you like to squeeze, twist or grip, the malleable case pretty much lets you hold onto the Flex however you choose. Giving it a simple twist while your penis is inside, adds to the intensity and helps build up the vacuum. I will note, the case does have a very strong smell that reminds me of that white glue kids used to eat at school. Not an issue for me but if you have allergies, it could be something to consider.

The lids of the Flex toys are also malleable which feature a rod that goes into the internal sleeve and provides a sturdier encasement when not in use. The lid and rod combination also doubles as a stand; flip it inside out and once you’ve cleaned your sleeve pop it on top and it’ll be dry in around 4 hours – depending on the weather.

But do they feel good?

In use, both Flex toys are great. I genuinely do enjoy using both of them. Most of the time I’ll switch between the two during a session and the hardest choice is always deciding which one to finish with. The design of the inner sleeve kind of looks like a condom filled with water. It’s rounded at the opening, slender in the middle and bulbed at the tip, because of this it is incredibly easy to encounter vacuums that can be quite irritating and can prevent you from experiencing every texture the Flex toys have to offer.

Using a decent amount of water-based lubricant – or the sachet provided – it’s best to take it slow when entering the sleeve. I suggest taking it slow because I have ran into a problem where if I go straight into the sleeve a sort of air pocket forms. If you don’t mind a bit of space to move around inside your masturbation sleeves this won’t be a problem. I would also suggest the Silky White to be the Flex of your choosing.

If you enjoy a tighter grip, I’ve found if you take the end of the case and give it a twist just before you enter, it will lock on to your penis and the suction will stick. The tougher texture of the Rocky Black is perfect for this method because of the intense ripples. For an added feature, I also like to cover the opening at the end of the case once I’ve twisted the air out. The suction intensifies to a ridiculous degree and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Party’s over, now what?

Clean up is quite simple with both Flex toys. Pop the inner sleeve out of the case, rinse off with warm water and toy cleaner and slip it on to the drying rod. If you aren’t able to air-dry, a quick pat down with some paper towel is more than enough. After the drying is done, the case is the perfect form of storage. The cases are the worst though when it comes to cat hair, dog hair and every bit of dust in your house.

Final Flex-y Thoughts

If you prefer a tighter, more intense grip, the Rocky Black Flex is the toy for you. If you enjoy lighter sensations with a gentle grip, the Silky White Flex is a match made in heaven.