Gpop by Gvibe

Like always, I was stoked to get my hands on a brand new toy from FT London. That’s right, the folks who brought us the crazy fun Gvibe 2, Gvibe Mini, Gring and Gplug have released their first prostate massager – The Gpop!

I received the Gpop from FT London free of charge in return for an honest review. Check them out for some of the most unique and enjoyable toys on the market.

First things first, the Gpop looks bigger than it actually is. I know you’re thinking that surely for a size queen like myself that I was unimpressed by the Gpop; my friends, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have found my unicorn. Yep, even though the Gpop is by far one of the smallest things I’ve put in my butt, it packs a buzz like no other.

Like their other products, the Gpop arrived in one of FT London’s signature cylindrical tubes. Adorned with an elegantly drawn flower/toy hybrid on one side and a picture of the Gpop on the other, the packaging is enough to get me keen on the insides. The Gpop is housed in a stack of foam rings and is accompanied by a USB charging cord and a slinky white storage bag. There’s also a leaflet that features the ever familiar, intricate illustrations that FTL supply all of their toys with that show users how to go about the business with their toys.

How does she look though?

The Gpop has a smooth, seamless silicone finish that feels nice to the touch. The insertable bulbed end is best described as petite and the finger loop at the opposite end is sure to prevent this little guy from going anywhere. The Gpop features one button that controls the 6 different vibe patterns/speeds and just behind the button are the magnetic connectors for the USB charging cord. I’m still unsure as to how long it needs to be charged; the instruction leaflet just says to charge completely before first use. Mine takes roughly 2 hours to get about an hour and a half playtime.

In use the Gpop is a surprise. As I mentioned earlier I was expecting a lame experience because of how small it is. The teeny tiny motor that is housed in the underside of the bulbed tip packs a rumble though and I’m happy to say that it’s quite great. The flexible neck of the Gpop allows enough manipulation so it can be used to target the prostate/g-spot directly how you feel fit. In order to fully enjoy a prostate massager I’ve learnt that I need constant, firm vibes that pack punches. Although the Gpop isn’t the strongest I’ve experienced, it’s still high on the list. Even though I don’t get much out of the three different patterns, I do get a kick out of the highest setting that is just a constant buzz; sometimes I can feel it in my teeth.

Wait, it buzzes?

Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t buzzy toys bad? Short answer – Nope. Long answer – What I love about FTL toys is that while they’re making contact with the body, they sound incredibly loud and kinda buzzy but to other people around you, they’re pretty hard to hear. I tested this by wearing my Gpop on its highest setting and walking around the house. I asked my roommates if they could hear a strange noise and they both said no; this continued for about an hour. Being two pretty avid toy users themselves they were stunned when I told them what I had been up to. They were both so surprised that what sounds like a buzzy toy when held in your hand can become so quiet once inside the body.

Party’s over, now what?

Once you’ve had your fun with the Gpop it’s best to clean immediately with hot water and a good quality toy cleaner. I had trouble figuring out if the Gpop was waterproof but after a quick check over on the FTL website, I got the all clear and chucked that sucker in the sink.

Final Thoughts

I like the Gpop because of the overall surprise factor that it gives. The motor is small but powerful and the petite size will leave some craving more but for this size queen, the Gpop has been more than enough to satisfy my ever changing desires.