SenseMax SenseTube Masturbator

It’s pretty well known that I’m a fan of masturbators. Heavily textured masturbators tend to steal my heart and smart masturbators have at times, been disappointing. The Sensetube by Sensemax took the two aforementioned features and caused me a tiny touch of confusion.

I received the Sensetube from Sensemax free of charge in return for my honest review. Sensemax products are available to purchase from most decent adult retailers.

When I first read about the Sensetube I was keen to get my hands on one. The technology didn’t sound all that new (compared to other VR incorporated toys on the market) but I was intrigued and hopeful that the Sensetube would potentially stand apart from other smart toys.

The Sensetube is stored in a box that still has my heart. It is made of a sturdy cardboard that looks as though it would suit a high-end piece of tech. The minimalistic imagery on the box gives off a vibe that this toy is more than a simple masturbator and the simplicity reminds me of an Apple product. Once the lid has been removed you are greeted with a simple diagram of the Sensetube’s functions and under that flap, the Sensetube is stored in all its glory. The Sensetube is laid out quite simply and is accompanied by its USB charging cord.

I didn’t get a choice in the colour of my Sensetube but it is also available in white. The silicone body measures in at 7 inches and is supple and squishy to the touch. Also the bane of my existence – anything and everything will stick to this toy! The teal charging base doubles as a storage provider with a thin stand that slips into the TPE sleeve of the Sensetube and the TPE sleeve measures in at 6 inches with a slight ribbed texture that allows up to 1.8 inch of girth. The top of the Sensetube features a breathing hole that can be altered to switch up suction and there is also a screw in section for a wall mountable holder to allow hands free fun.

The Sensetube houses a semi-powerful vibrating panel inside the silicone unit. Featuring 5 different patterns with 18 speeds, the Sensetube sounds pretty impressive on paper. In use though, it could do with a bit of an improvement. Regarding the patterns and speeds, I have no issues; I just have an issue with the power of the vibes. If the Sensetube were to feature just a touch of a stronger vibe, I’d be head over heels. I can’t have everything though so I have to make do, and make do I did.

I enjoy the Sensetube (bar weak vibes) because it’s the first smart masturbator I’ve used where I haven’t struggled to fit my penis inside. The TPE ribbed sleeve is, in layman’s terms, textured to the shit house. The ribbed texture is so enjoyable that just using the Sensetube without its vibe feature, is more than enough to bring me to orgasm. Honestly, even if you forget to charge your Sensetube, it still makes for an awesome time minus the vibes.

An added feature to the Sensetube I have to mention is the MAX button on the outer casing. This button is designed as the “orgasm” switch and is supposed to enhance the tightness of the sleeve to bring users to orgasm. My experience with the MAX button hasn’t really ever increased the tightness of the sleeve. Due to my girth I wasn’t surprised. It could be a fun feature though for those who aren’t as thick.

Clean up is a breeze with the Sensetube. Being that the toy is waterproof you can rinse the entire toy off after each use. Water-based lube is best used with this bad boy and once the party has ended and you’ve dried off the sleeve, a touch of refresh powder – or cornstarch – is more than enough to keen it soft and supple.

One feature I would like to address is the smartphone app that can be used alongside Sensemax products. Given that I only have access to an iPhone, when downloaded, the app can’t be opened due to location restrictions. I have read of other peoples experiences with the app and haven’t seen this issue before but it is something I am continuing to investigate.

In future, I would love to try other Sensemax products to compare their abilities and features. I refuse to rule out the capabilities of this company’s other products. for now, I’ll just be left to wonder whether or not their other products are on par with the Sensetube.