Tong-Ggo Artificial Anus – Motsu Toys Lineup

Masturbators are far and plenty when it comes to the world of sex toys. If my blog is anything to go by, you could say I’m a fan of tight, firm textures. The Tong-Ggo Artificial Anus is by far the tightest masturbator I’ve used and I’m still gushing over it.

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing products from Motsu Toys as part of a lineup series. Motsu Toys is a company located in the Netherlands that specializes in importing Japanese adult toys and products to the EU market.

The Tong-Ggo is a masturbation sleeve modeled in the shape of a very small booty hole. The sleeve is made of TPE and has a texture that is very similar to that of a Fleshlight – only much thicker and heavier. When I say that the Tong-Ggo is tight, I mean incredibly tight. I’ve struggled with certain sleeves and masturbators in the past because of my size but the opening of the Tong-Ggo is that tight; I can hardly get a finger inside without an insane grip holding on.

In use, the Tong-Ggo is ridiculously tight and kind of hard to get into. I’ve written about my struggles with tight masturbators before and this is no different. My experience with the Tong-Ggo has been limited but manageable – with an absurd amount of water-based lubricant. I found it easiest to get into the Tong-Ggo by gripping the top end to prevent the vacuum from stopping me from getting inside and then slowly letting go as I pushed into it. The fact that the Tong-Ggo only has one opening allows a stronger and tighter grip but in my experience it can make it quite uncomfortable if too much tension is built up in use. To put it simply, too much air inside the sleeve will cause you to slip out and that can then result in trying to force yourself back in, causing pain to your penis.

Disregarding my experience with the Tong-Ggo, it is an impressive masturbator. The inner tunnel is shaped in a kind of zigzag style with an accordion inspired texture. To break it down, Motsu have provided a diagram that illustrates the styles found within the Tong-Ggo. The “zones” marked with an A are narrow with a tiny diameter of only 5mm, making each thrust feel just that little bit tighter. The “zones” marked with a B are the accordion inspired ridged sections that provide intense sensations. Lastly, “zone” C is the end chamber. This chamber is designed to grip onto the tip of the penis to provide a more intense suction. This is the part of the sleeve that I squeeze onto in order to prevent the vacuum from stopping me getting into the Tong-Ggo.

Clean up is a bit of a hassle with the Tong-Ggo. Unlike most sleeves where you can flip them inside out to get all the nooks cleaned out; the Tong-Ggo is physically impossible to flip inside out. I attributed this to the overall tightness of the sleeve – which makes it a hassle. I found the best way to clean my Tong-Ggo is to submerge it in warm, soapy water and to give it a few squeezes. This pushes the air out of the tunnel and sucks water in.

Repeating this process is really the only way I’ve managed to clean it completely. I know it’s probably not the best thing to do either but I use my hair dryer to dry out the Tong-Ggo to ensure there are no small amounts of water left behind. Once dry, a coating of cornflour/Fleshlight renewal powder will keep the Tong-Ggo feeling brand new.

Final Thoughts?

I like the Tong-Ggo, it was a nice change to experience a masturbation sleeve that isn’t housed inside a plastic case. It was also an experience trying to figure out how to conquer the tightness of this toy. I’m a little annoyed that there isn’t a storage bag but I’ve kept mine in the plastic bag it came in and that that’s been enough to keen cat hair away from it. I would recommend the Tong-Ggo to anyone who enjoys intense texture and affordable, reusable masturbators.


  • Squishy outer texture, super tight inner texture. The best of both worlds, honestly.


  • Personally, too tight for me.
  • Has a slight smell to it.
  • Cleaning is a chore and a bore.