Open Me Monthly Aussie Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are one of my favourite things to have ever existed. I’ve signed up to a number of them over the years, I’ve found the ones that cater to my dogs to be the best. That was until I stumbled across Open Me.

I received my Open Me box from the wonderful team over at Open Me. Free of charge, in return for my honest review. Open Me’s tagline is “The Best Box from Down Under” and the products I received in their August box could potentially be pretty great.

My Open Me box arrived in a standard blank postage box. On opening the box I was greeted with a bold red and white label featuring the tempting words “Open Me” followed by that bold little tagline. My mystery products were wrapped in black tissue paper and it made the experience of a subscription box even more exciting. So you know I ripped that sucker open quick fast.

Tucked away neatly, I was thrown back by the mix of products in my very first Open Me box. This featured a Tenga Egg, a bottle of Eros lubricant, a Sausage masturbator from Shots Toys, a faux leather cock ring that I still can’t figure out how to use and the worlds smallest butt plug. They also threw in a card with all their socials and a $5 discount code.

First up, the Tenga Egg, nothing I haven’t reviewed before. Although this particular design was new to me and I actually did enjoy it. The silky texture was just enough to get me over the edge when I partnered it with one of my water-based lubricants. I almost used the Eros lube but after some fine-print reading, I found that it’s silicone-based and I didn’t want it eating through the TPE egg.


Moving on, the Sausage masturbator by Shots Toys was incredibly small. I’ve written about my difficulties in the past with masturbators that are too small and this would take the cake as the smallest. Tightness aside, the TPE sleeve has a cheap feel to it and the accompanied sponge filling makes the whole experience quite firm. This isn’t a fault with the crew behind Open Me though; I’d just suggest that if you plan on purchasing this month’s box, if you measure in on the thicker side, you might just have to find someone with a skinnier penis to have a play with.

The trickiest experience I had with my Open Me box was the faux leather cock ring. I Googled it, I looked up other blogs and reviews, I even tried YouTube. I could not for the life of me figure out how to use this ring. Just while typing about my struggles, I’ve had another attempt at it and failed. I give up.







My favourite part of my Open Me box was by far the worlds smallest butt plug. You all know I’m a size queen so I didn’t even dare insert the plug into my booty hole. It has been quite a conversation starter though this past week. I did do a flame test to make sure that the plug is silicone and it passed so I can recommend it to anyone new to the world of booty play.

Is It Worth It?

To say the least about my Open Me box experience, I was impressed. Sex toy subscription boxes are relatively new to the industry and this is the first Aussie owned box that I’ve come across. To provide customers with these products at $40 a month is quite decent. When it came to using the toys, my mind did begin to wander though. Not in a bad sense but more toward the thought of these products not being suitable for everyone. That being said, I would recommend these boxes to anyone new to the world of sex toys and generally anyone looking to spice things up.