Manta Ray Mens Stroker by IMTOY

A buzz that reminds me of an electronic razor. That isn’t the typical thought I have when using a toy, but like someone’s dead relative once said – there’s a first time for everything, folks.

I received the Manta Ray from IMTOY, free of charge in return for my honest review.

The Manta Ray is part of IMTOY’s new ZOO range of toys. Each toy is named after an exotic animal and the Manta Ray is targeted toward people who have penises. Although, the flat shape of the toy makes it capable of being a “lay on” style vibe for vagina owners

The Manta Ray is a peachy coloured silicone sheet style toy designed to stimulate the penis by way of being held against the shaft. A standard rechargeable bullet style vibrator is embedded in the centre of the toy and a fine, barely there, fishnet pattern covers one side for added stimulation. Being that the Manta Ray is designed to wrap around the shaft, the silicone body is incredibly flexible. At first I was doubtful that the Manta Ray was actually silicone because of its flexibility but a flame test proved me wrong and made me happy; that being said, you should only use water-based lubricant with this toy.

In use, the Manta Ray is underwhelming and that makes me sad. I honestly did not know what to expect when I received this toy because I had never used a toy like it. At first glance the packaging, presentation and style of the Manta Ray drew me in. I legitimately felt like I was opening a high class, extravagant toy that would send me into overdrive. The box it came in alone was enough to quench my thirst for aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Once I had my Manta Ray unboxed and charging with its magnetic, USB charging cord I keenly downloaded the IMTOY-ZOO app from the App Store and began to play around with the multitude of settings.

The interface of the app is refreshing, fun and easy to use. Users can make a profile in the main screen where they can keep track of their ZOO range products, add music and videos through the “user manual” screen and even set a password for their toys. Once you’ve turned your Bluetooth on and connected your toy in the top right corner you will be greeted by a grid that features a total of 16 patterns. You can select up to four by tapping the triangle button down below and they will play in a sequence or you can just select one at a time.

I wasn’t entirely sure at first of the function of the bomb icon in the lower left corner. After some light reading on the back of the box I realized it’s used to randomize the 16-vibe patterns. The rocket in the lower right corner adds an extra punch when you feel like the current vibe isn’t cutting it. They’ve labeled it the “orgasm button” but I’m still not convinced.

If you tap the squiggle in the upper left corner you’ll be taken to a page where your creativity can run wild. Draw something wild and hit that play button to see how you fair at being a pattern designer. The higher your lines go, the higher the intensity. The lower you go, the lower the intensity. I’ve pretty much become a pro at drawing tiny squiggles at the very top. Gotta have those intense vibes y’all.

If you hit the grid of four squares in the upper right corner you’ll be given four choices. Make some noise to deliver some vibes and shake the shit out of your phone for some pretty bang on reactive vibes. Or you can add a video or song through iTunes on your computer and play along to your favourite porn/soundtrack.

The variety of vibe patterns available through the ZOO app makes it feel as though a lot of effort went into designing the patterns. If you don’t have a smartphone or just don’t like apps, you can also cycle through a mix of patterns and intensities by pressing the button on the toy. I’m sad to say that the Manta Ray falls short though with the limited, low quality buzz that’s generated at even the highest setting.

My biggest issue with the Manta Ray is that it’s obvious a lot of thought went into certain aspects of this toy. However it falls short where it really matters most. The lower vibes are rumbly at best and as you increase the settings, the buzzier it becomes. This is frustrating for me because I have a penis that doesn’t respond to weak vibes. Personal standards aside, this means that it takes a fair bit of stimulation to get my juices flowing. I need powerful vibes if I plan on using a toy to get me hard. The Manta Ray did not succeed in this field. That being said, once I did get hard I could feel some vibes through my shaft. I ended up feeling more of the vibes in my hand though which left my fingers numb and my penis limp.

I had high hopes for this toy because the concept is fresh and attractive. The general look and feel is new to me and unless I’m looking in the wrong areas I still haven’t seen anything on the market that resembles the Manta Ray. IMTOY have taken a bold step with this design so I commend them for going against the norm of making a toy that you simply just slide your penis into.

IMTOY’s other ZOO range toys all look promising to a degree also and I wouldn’t mind trying their wand massager styled toys just to compare intensities. I’m not going to knock this toy anymore because I think it would be ideal for those looking for something new and it would be suitable for people who enjoy low-level, basic vibes. I do have to fault the Manta Ray though for not getting me off (or hard for that matter) but that’s just how I experienced it.


  • Squishy, flexible and fun to play with.
  • An excitable concept.
  • Rechargeable.
  • App interface is detailed and enjoyable.


  • Dust magnet.
  • Strange smell when unboxed.
  • Underwhelming vibrations.



Following my review, my contact at IMTOY provided me with some tips on how to use the Manta Ray in different ways. I found that if you place the Manta Ray on a flat surface like a bed or chair and line it up with your perineum, the sensation is incredibly full on. In this position, the Manta Ray comes into contact with the prostate (externally) and the vibes are enjoyable enough that when coupled with a prostate massager, I am able to orgasm hands free; and that is incredible all on its own.