Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers seem to be my favourite thing recently. I’m constantly on the hunt for new and exciting ones I can introduce to my booty hole and it almost goes without saying that the Nexus Revo Stealth is enjoyable as fuck.

I received the Revo Stealth from the lovely people at Nexus, free of charge in return for my honest review. Seriously, do yourself a favour and check them out for some lush a.f prostate toys.

The Revo Stealth looks like most prostate massagers; it has a tapered base and a curved insertable shaft that’s 100% body safe silicone. This isn’t a seamless toy though and the base is ABS plastic, the Revo Stealth isn’t waterproof and that’s 100 percent a big ole bummer. Perks of the Revo Stealth include the aforementioned insertable silicone shaft, USB rechargeable base, the wireless remote and the fact that the tip rotates. Yes, you read that right, the tip ROTATES.

The overall length of the Revo Stealth is 5.82 inches, the insertable shaft measures in at 1.25 inches and the width of the base is just over 5 inches. For a prostate massager, this guy feels a little oversized but I guess the motor has to fit somewhere. The part of the Revo Stealth that rests on the perineum features a cluster of raised nodules that don’t really add to the experience but can be felt if you sit directly on the toy.

In use, the Revo Stealth has six different vibe modes. The vibes aren’t too extreme or intense but when coupled with the two speeds of the rotating head, it makes for an exciting time. The wireless remote is simple enough to use, one button controls the rotation, one controls the vibe patterns/intensities and one is the on/off control. The remote does feel cheap compared to the Revo Stealth but it gets the job done.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed when it came to using the Revo Stealth only because I expected more. In saying that, it is an incredibly fun toy to use and the rotating factor is something I’ve only ever experienced in the Bvibe – which I love.

Clean up can be a hassle with the Revo Stealth but only because the toy isn’t waterproof. The only way I’ve found affective enough to clean the Revo Stealth is with toy cleaner and antibacterial body wipes. It’s supposedly splash proof but that isn’t always 100 percent true with toys and I don’t like to risk it. I also like to make sure I’m careful with the amount of lube I use with this toy, too much could mean interference with the motor. I might be overthinking things like that but it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

When it comes to storing my Revo Stealth, I like to keep it in the box. It’s a nice enough package and having it out on my shelf just looks like I have a new piece of tech I haven’t unpacked. My roommate legit thinks it’s a set of headphones. That being said, you can also just store it in the drawstring bag provided.



  • Rotating tip.
  • Remote Control.


  • Not waterproof.
  • For what it is, the overall size of the motor is absurd.