Gun Oil Lubricant Variety Hour

Many months ago I received a shipment from the wonderful people at Gun Oil, to cut it short – my ex ended up with my stash and I was forced to buy more so I could do this review.

I received my original stash of Gun Oil lubricant from Gun Oil free of charge in return for my honest review. Check them out for some of the best lubricants on the market.

Gun Oil comes in a variety of types, all of which are in bottles stylized as bullets. The bullet shaped lid pops off to reveal a pop-top style opening that is relatively leak proof. The three lubricants I’ll be reviewing are as follows.

Gun Oil Silicone

We all know I have a checkered past when it comes to silicone lubricant, I hate it and I love it. Gun Oil Silicone is no exception when it comes to that love/hate relationship. The good thing is that this is a silicone lubricant where a little goes a long way and it doesn’t dry out super fast. It also doesn’t leave you with that dragging feel after an amount of time, like some silicone-based lubricants can.

The bad thing about Gun Oil Silicone is that because of it being silicone-based, it takes effort to clean. I’m pretty lazy simple when it comes to cleaning up after sexy time so anything that takes extra time is just … meh. I will admit, it does clean up easier than most silicone-based lubricants but still, it requires effort. I’ve also experienced some staining, not enough to complain about but it’s something that could be an issue if you decide to have sex on an expensive bed sheet.

Gun Oil H2O

I found a favourite with this one – water-based, long lasting and booty hole friendly. Three things I LOVE when it comes to lubricant. Gun Oil H2O is straight up dope, I’ve recommended it to every one of my friends and the ones who have tried it, also loved it.

Besides being a super chill type of lubricant, Gun Oil H2O can be a bit messy. It gets sticky if you try reactivating it with saliva so just apply more if needed. It also tends to stick around if you don’t thoroughly clean up afterward. Other than some teeny tiny faults, Gun Oil H2O is great.

Gun Oil Gel

Of the three, Gun Oil Gel just grinds my gears. I don’t know what it is about gel lubricants but I just can’t with them. I’ve tried a few in my time and I just don’t get them. That being said I’ve never tried a gel during sex so I can’t say whether or not it takes on a different appeal, I’ll find that out at some point.

Gun Oil Gel is super sticky, it dries out pretty fast and overall I just don’t like it. Of the three, I guess there had to be one I didn’t vibe with and it just so happened to be the one that feels like chunky jelly.

Overall I would recommend Gun Oil lubricants to anyone looking for something high quality, long lasting (minus the Gel) and convenient. If you’re doing sexy time with people who have vaginas, you may want to give these lubricants a miss though. They all contain glycerin, which can throw out the vaginas pH balance and cause all sorts of problems. Those partaking in booty hole business and all things butt stuff though, have at it!


  • Silicone and H2O are both long lasting.
  • H2O and Gel are easy to clean up.


  • Silicone takes time to clean up and can stain fabric.
  • Gel dries out quickly and is super sticky.