Gvibe Mini Anatomical Massager

I’m not one to be at a loss for words, I’m quite honestly befuddled though when it comes to writing how I feel about my latest toy from Gvibe.

I received the Gvibe mini from Gvibe, free of charge in return for my honest review. Check them out for some of the sleekest, silicone toys on the market.

The Gvibe mini is a fun iteration of the Gvibe 2 packed into a more compact, travel sized toy. Measuring in at 4.13 inches with a diameter of 0.79 inch, the G-vibe mini is the perfect beginners vibe and best for those who are into mild vibrations with a bit of a kick. The Gvibe mini is USB rechargeable and the magnetic socket is surprisingly strong, it does get fiddly at time but it does hold a decent grip.

Made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, the G-vibe mini is a toy that has a delicate feel to it. The part of the toy that I guess you could call the handle is what I can only assume is coated APS plastic or an aluminium alloy. The handle gives the G-vibe mini an added element of class that I truly am a sucker for – nothing gets me hotter than a nicely detailed toy. The G-vibe mini features three buttons, two control the strength, one controls the vibration pattern. Similar to the Gvibe 2, the G-vibe mini has two tips that branch out into a Y formation. Each tip has a motor and the ergonomic design makes it easily adaptable to any body shape and for those with prostates, the tips can also be used as a prostate massager.

Regarding use as a prostate massager, the G-vibe mini isn’t that great. In all honesty the tips just aren’t long enough to hit the spot. Everyone’s body is different so it could just be that the tips don’t hit my spot but that’s up for discussion. As a wand style massager, the G-vibe mini is enjoyable but lacks the spark of the Gvibe 2. This could be open to interpretation but there’s just something about the G-vibe mini that doesn’t compare with the full sized Gvibe 2. 

The lack of a third motor could be what sets the G-vibe mini aside from the overbearing power of the Gvibe 2 so for those who are keen on strong vibes I would recommend the latter. Another thing that sets G-vibe mini apart is that it is lot louder than the Gvibe 2. The noise is quite buzzy and I must admit, having nosey roommates makes this toy a bit of an issue.

In use, I do enjoy the G-vibe mini as a wand. The tips grip perfectly onto my shaft and the mild vibes are more than enough to get the job done. Given that there are only two motors, it does take longer than when using the Gvibe 2 but it still manages to bring me to orgasm so I’m not mad at that.

Clean up is pretty simple with he G-vibe mini, it’s waterproof so a rinse under some warm water will have it back in fighting form and you can store it in its silky white storage bag.





  • Compact size makes the Gvibe mini the perfect travel buddy.
  • Body safe silicone.


  • Noisy, buzzy vibes are a bit of a turn off. If you prefer a silent buzz, definitely check out the Gvibe 2.