G-Plug and G-Ring Combination Review

Today marks the day that I am officially closed for business when it comes to small toys. The G-plug Large by G-plug may be sizeable for beginners, this size queen here though? It’s a 50/50 split.

I received the G-plug and G-Ring from Gvibe, free of charge in return for my honest review. Check them out for some of the sleekest, silicone toys on the market.

The G-plug is a rechargeable butt plug that yields a mighty buzz. Compared to the vibrations of the G-vibe 2, the G-plug is pretty close in terms of strength. Both feature the same six patterns, the only difference is that the G-plug only has one motor compared to the three in the G-vibe 2. The G-plug has a power button at the bottom that doubles as the control to switch through the patterns and two magnetic prongs located below indicate the charging port.

I asked for the G-plug in navy blue but it is also available in a vibrant pink. The G-plug is also available in a smaller size that measures in at 1.1 inch, compared to the 1.54 inch of the G-plug Large. I’ve gotta say, I’m quite curious to see the size difference between the two in person because the large still seems quite small in my opinion. That’s just me being a size queen but hey, if it’s gonna be called large, my butt expects large.

In use, the G-plug is easily insertable with a good quality water-based lubricant. Inside my body it honestly doesn’t feel like there’s anything there, until I turn it on. The vibrations are quiet and pack a fair bit of a punch, the flared base is large enough to give the feeling that it’s not going anywhere and the silicone doesn’t drag at all. Given that the G-plug is waterproof, I’ve experimented with wearing it for hours on end. The size is small enough to not cause discomfort over time and the fact of it not feeling like there’s anything there, it’s easy to forget about it.

Along with receiving the G-plug, I also received the G-ring. A hand held ring-shaped toy that works on its own as a mini-vibrator but also doubles as a remote control for the G-plug. The G-ring features the same six vibrating settings as the G-plug and when the two are both switched on, some exciting things can happen.

To link both toys together you start by turning them on, press the power button on the G-plug for two seconds, it will flash and that means it’s in remote mode. Now turn on the G-ring and you’re good to go. The G-ring has three buttons, a plus (+), a minus (-) and a centre button. These allow you to cycle through the settings and patterns. Holding the centre button for three seconds will turn off the vibrations in the G-ring so your hand doesn’t go numb, trust me, this is a brilliant option.

The G-plug and G-ring are both waterproof so cleaning up is quite simple. A rinse off under warm water and a towel off are all that is required to get them back in fine form. You can store them in the provided storage bag for the G-Plug, the G-ring doesn’t have a bag but they both fit the in the one, so no issues. Just be sure to store them because they are lint magnets! When I’m feeling fancy I do like storing them in their respective boxes/tubes. They are honestly some of the nicest designed packages I’ve ever seen on toys and they make it feel like you’ve got something classy in your booty hole.


  • 100% silicone and waterproof.
  • The vibrations are strong and enjoyable.
  • The size of both toys makes them perfectly discreet for travel.


  • The G-Plug just isn’t large enough to quench my thirst.