Tenga Air-Tech Twists

Once in a while a company releases a new product, something innovative, something that has a unique flair and a spark. I was too excited when I got the opportunity to review two new products from Tenga. How they hold up in the innovative/unique/spark field? Let’s just say this is a love/hate story of sorts.

I received the Air-Tech Twists from Tenga, free of charge for my honest review. Check them out for some of the best toys you can treat yourself to. Their products are available at all great sex stores.

The Air-Tech Twists are available in two different styles – Tickle and Ripple. Both Twists are housed in a solid ABS plastic case with an easily removable lid and they each come with a sample bottle of Tenga Hole Lotion (real). The Twists are set apart from other Tenga cups with the added feature of an internal compression unit that allows users to adjust the tightness while in use.

The Air-Tech Twists feature 6 different levels that intensify the suction as you twist the top portion of the outer casing. The inner walls of the plastic case being compressed (kind of like an accordion) bring on the suction. Just be sure to peel off the sticker covering the suction hole to enjoy this sensation. Both sleeves have an insertion depth of 6.3 inches and an insertion width of 1.9 inch, given that they are made of TPE, they do allow for some stretch.


The Air-Tech Twist Tickle features a red lid to differentiate from the blue of the Ripple. The inner sleeve features an array of close together, pointed nubs that grow in size as you progress deeper into the toy. In use, the Tickle has a more enjoyable sensation. The pointed style of the nubs applies this sensation to my penis that feels as though every single nub is actually caressing every inch. When the case is cranked to its tightest grip level, the sensations are heavenly. I haven’t enjoyed a Tenga product this much in forever – that being said; I can’t say I have an overly sensitive penis, this guy though, changed my opinion on that. Yes, it can be difficult for me at times getting off with a masturbator, but the Tickle has actually done the unthinkable and surpassed even my doubts. I’m still kind of speechless.

The Air-Tech Twist Ripple on the other hand, sadly missed the mark in regard to getting me off. Something about the Ripple had me irked from the day I struggled to open it. The lid, unlike like its red counterpart that popped off with ease, was the lid from hell. Still to this day I grow frustrated at trying to open the Ripple. Even now as I write this, I’ve had to grab a butter knife to pry off the lid just to get a peak inside at its Ripple-like texture. The Ripple is something I had high hopes for. Being ribbed, the rippled affect covers the entirety of the inner-sleeve, so I instantly thought it would be perfect but there’s just something about it that doesn’t work for me. In use, my overly un-sensitive penis couldn’t feel even the slightest ribbed affect and I was left reaching for the Tickle to finish the job.

Cleanup for both toys is relatively simple, yet arduous. A rinse under some warm water gets all the fun stuff out no worries, but like all Tenga products, these sleeves require a decent pat down with some paper towel to get rid of all moisture. Store the sleeves in their plastic units and always remember that Tickle = red and Ripple = blue.

Ultimately the Air-Tech Twists are innovative and unique toys that anyone with a penis should definitely consider trying. Although the designs of the inner sleeves are quite basic, they do deliver when it comes to satisfaction. My experience is just one of many but if I were to pick one of the two, the Tickle wins hands down. Those little nubs man, they just get me.


  • Tickle wins.


  • Ripple just doesn’t cut it for me.


*technical images sourced from www.tenga-global.com