Fleshjack Boys Austin Wilde Squeeze

I don’t say this often, but everyone, I’m in love. We met a couple of weeks ago and it’s been nothing but fireworks and orgasms since. Let me introduce you to the Austin Wilde Squeeze, by Fleshjack.

I received the Austin Wilde Squeeze from Cupid’s Cupboard, free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Check them out for some of the best toys and products available in Australia. While you’re at it, also feel free to use the code GITM15 for a 15% discount.

I genuinely don’t know where to begin with this guy so here goes. The box is adorned to the max with pictures of porn star, Austin Wilde. I can only imagine that Fleshlight really didn’t want people to forget whose butt they were taking home upon purchasing this toy. There are also a few fun facts about Wilde printed on the box, which I guess are supposed to get me excited about “fucking a porn star” but really, I’m just wondering how it felt for him to pose in pictures holding onto a disembodied replica of his booty hole.

The 90s style flashlight unit that the sleeve is housed in is a shimmery blue, that, to be honest looks pretty slick. This is the first full sized Fleshlight I’ve had the pleasure of using and no joke, I still can’t get over it’s comically large size – the Fleshlight Go Surge is more than enough for my average sized hands and I am envious of the people out there who are getting use out of every single inch of this toy.

In use, the AW Squeeze is everything that is good in this world. I was legitimately bummed out by the very basic looking inner texture of the sleeve, the lack of bumps and ridges I’d grown accustomed to in my Go Surge were nowhere to be seen and I was not pleased. When the time came to slip inside though, my opinions went flying out the window; a literal gasp exited my mouth when I felt the inner texture of Austin Wilde’s disembodied replica booty hole envelop my dick. I shuddered while typing that.

The AW Squeeze is an excellent toy. I genuinely cannot get enough of it– it’s gotten to the point where I’ve actually noticed a bit of tearing close to the entrance. Say what you will about my masturbation habits but I blame being single and taking my work very, very seriously. Like all Fleshlight’s, the AW Squeeze’s tightness is customizable by playing around with the cap on top of the unit. I am a fan of the saying “the tighter the better” but it’s always fun to have that option of loosening things up a bit.

Cleanup is pretty simple with the AW Squeeze, a rinse under some water; some toy cleaner and you’re good to let it dry for an indeterminate amount of time. If I find myself pressed for time I’ll dab at it with some paper towel but if I’m home alone and feeling lazy I’ll generally let it air dry. Once dry I like to douse the sleeve in “renewal powder” (cornstarch) so it maintains the soft and supple, nothing like human skin, texture.

I don’t usually brag like this about a product, but I honestly would recommend it to anyone looking to treat their penis to an excellent time. If you head over to Cupid’s Cupboard you can pick it up for AUD$81.85 using the code word GITM15. That’s saving you 15% AND giving you free shipping.




  • Overuse can result in slight tears and eye tears.