Baby Ass Anchor

I never once thought I’d use a toy with the words “baby” and “anchor” in its title. When I first laid eyes on the Baby Ass Anchor, I was curious, excited and a tiny bit giggly.

I received the Baby Ass Anchor from MEO, free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Check them out for some amazing toys and their incredibly large range of products.

The Baby Ass Anchor by all means is a toy best for beginners, measuring in at 2.5 inches insertable with the ability to expand to 3 inches. The Baby Ass Anchor is perfect for anyone new to anal play. Made of TPR, does make this toy something of a worry – given that TPR is a material that absorbs bacteria, so it’s best not to share with friends.

In use, the Baby Ass Anchor had me craving more, as I said, it’s prefect for beginners but me being the size queen that I am, I obviously was not satisfied. Given that this is the first time I’ve ever experimented with any sort of dilating toy, I was pleasantly surprised. A good quality water-based lube is essential when using a toy like this, while pinching both tips close together slowly insert it – I found it best to be in the foetal position to do this. Once inserted I barely felt the tips expand so to test it out I gave it a bit of a tug and it was clear that the Baby Ass Anchor was firmly in place.

I can’t say I get much fulfillment out of plug style toys; I honestly need something that’s going to stimulate my prostate to get any stimulation at all. Regarding the Baby Ass Anchor, I didn’t get much stimulation; it kind of just felt like it was there, hanging around waiting for something to happen. Given that this is a plug, extended wear can show effects of stretching but my size queen ways, and me didn’t really see much of a difference.

Removing the Baby Ass Anchor is pretty simple, just be sure to go slow. You have to remember that this toy has expanded while inside your body – so don’t just yank it out.

Clean up is pretty standard, a rinse under warm soapy water is more than enough. I store mine in a zip lock bag because it is a lint magnet and being TPR, there’s always the chance of it melting – especially in 40 degree Australian heat.


  • Perfect toy for beginners new to anal and dilating play.


  • Made of TPR.
  • Personally, not big enough.