With Deepest Apologies

Hey kids, Xander here.

If you have been following my blog there’s a chance you’ve noticed I’ve pretty much been MIA for the last month. I figured I owe everyone an explanation and an apology, so here goes.

About a month ago, my partner broke the news to me that he was beginning to lose interest in our relationship. He had been less present in the weeks leading up to that conversation, I summed it up to both of us being busy with work so it wasn’t something I worried about it. Once he had broken the news I dropped everything and began to focus everything on fixing our relationship.

Christmas Eve rolled around and he left town to spend the holidays with his family, we had an argument that night and barely spoke over the following days. I felt awful for the way we left things so when he got home I tried my best to just forgive and forget the argument we had. Although I still felt he was distancing himself, I tried my hardest to hold on to whatever spark we had left.

He left me last weekend, New Years Eve to be exact.

I’ve spent the past week trying to piece together what went wrong, how we drifted and why I didn’t notice it sooner. He still hasn’t been able to give me an answer either, just that his feelings changed and he didn’t love me anymore.

I am deeply sorry to everybody I’ve promised articles to in the last month. I have so many half written reviews that I need to go over and finalize and I am just truly sorry to those I have let down.

Moving forward has been difficult and I know this is just the beginning of feeling like crap after a breakup but I am now going to throw myself head first into my writing. I know that in order to prove myself as more than just a baby blogger and a newbie that I have to continue doing what I love. 2016 saw the beginning of Gay In the Middle and I plan on 2017 being the year that my blog thrives. I have so many plans for this blog that I’ve already worked so hard on establishing, I just hope you all are willing to stick around to see where I go to from here.