Autoblow 2+

It’s rare for me to come across a product that I’m scared to use. The Autoblow 2+ is the first toy that I have been hesitant to slip my dick inside of, and for good reason.

I received the Autoblow 2+ from Autoblow Australia, free of charge for my honest review.

Given that I’ve possibly thrown anyone off from buying the Autoblow 2+ after my opening comment, I can’t say that it didn’t impress me. Getting the bad things out of the way first, the Autoblow 2+ is heavy, noisy and a pain in the ass because it has to be plugged into the wall to use.


Negativity aside, the Autoblow 2+ measures in at a whopping 9 inches high and 4.2 inches wide. It’s designed to imitate blowjobs; which it sort of does, but not really. The sensations given by the Autoblow 2+ aren’t anywhere near as good as an actual blowjob – nothing can feel better – but the three rows of beads that the powerful industrial motor bounces up and down your shaft come pretty close to mimicking the sensations of a guys mouth going up and down on your dick.








The sleeve system used by the Autoblow 2+ is unique in its own way. Users can choose from three different sizes (to find the perfect fit) that all fit inside the powerhouse unit of the Autoblow 2. At the time of writing, the sleeves come in the form of mouths and vaginas, a butt shaped sleeve is on its way though. The sleeves feel very similar to a Fleshlight but they have a smell to them that makes me suspicious that they aren’t made out of the same material. The smell is unbearable and after a couple of uses, it still smells. I’m also not a fan of the fact that the website doesn’t state what the sleeve is made of – only that it’s phthalate free. So…yay?

In use, the Autoblow 2+ is heavy and noisy, I wasn’t able to weigh it due to not having access to scales, but it’s the heaviest thing I’ve ever had on top of my dick. Holding onto it while in use is unbearable and my arm hurts just thinking about it. Apart from being super heavy, the Autoblow 2+ is noisy as hell. If you plan on using this guy while your roommates are home, they’ll be 100% sure you’re using power tools. I kid you not, this toy is absurdly noisy and it sounds similar to a small car.

The Autoblow 2+ was a different experience for me, I’m glad I tried it and I’m grateful for being able to review it but the biggest issue I encountered, faulted the toy in the worst way possible. While using the Autoblow 2+ I came and I thoroughly enjoyed it, once the fun had ended and it was time to clean up, I realised that the sleeve had begun to deteriorate. I got so caught up in using this beast of a toy that I didn’t realize that my penis, my most favourite thing in the world, was at risk of being covered in slimy, deteriorated plastic.

I’ve included pictures of the inside of the main unit with bits of the deteriorated sleeve stuck to it because I haven’t been able to get them out of it.

I am aware that I could have been using it for too long. It was the first toy I’ve used that has to be plugged in to the wall so I’m not experienced with knowing when enough is enough. But I didn’t think 20 minutes was too long. It doesn’t say anything on the product website or packaging about time limits but this is something that should be researched.

All in all, I enjoyed the Autoblow 2+ up until I noticed the mess of slimy, deteriorated sleeve. If you end up purchasing one, the only thing I can say is to be mindful of wear and tear.


  • The stimulation of the three rows of beads does feel like a light blowjob.
  • Sleeve is easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner.


  • Heavy as fuck.
  • Noisy as fuck.
  • The sleeve deteriorates after one use and replacement sleeves are pricey at AU$50 a pop.
  • Sleeve smells horrible and is a lint magnet.