Almost Naked Organic Lubricant


Everybody knows I love lube. It’s a well-known fact and so whenever I come across something that has a great sounding concept, I have to try it out. Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant had me hooked the moment I heard about it. Sadly, it didn’t leave much of a lasting impression.

I received the Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant from Good Clean Love free of charge for my honest review.

Composed primarily of aloe vera and agar (seaweed) Almost Naked is an organic aloe-based lube that is lightly scented with lemon and vanilla. With a similar scent to the System JO Naturalove lube, Almost Naked is great for those wanting to break away from chemical scented lubes.

Described on the Good Clean Love store as long lasting, Almost Naked doesn’t absorb into the skin as fast as regular water-based lubes do. This is a massive plus but sadly the downsides outweigh the length of time it takes before you need to reapply.

Almost Naked is great in theory, sold as an organic alternative without all the chemical additives. It apparently responds to the internal moisture of those with vaginas, providing longer lasting glide. I don’t have a vagina so I stuck to using Almost Naked with my hand.

In use, the first thing I noticed was that the smell doesn’t transfer to the skin like the System JO Naturalove. Almost Naked melts on contact and immediately becomes sticky. I tried reapplying more thinking it would solve the problem but it just added to the tackiness. I felt like I had covered my penis in glue. Out of curiosity (and because I had lost my boner), I left the Almost Naked on my skin to see what would happen. Crazily enough, this glue-like lube dried like glue on skin. I ended up having to peel this dried lube-skin off my penis and I was immediately reminded of covering my hands in glue in school and then peeling it off like a second skin. Fun when you’re a kid, not so fun though when you want to jerk off but all you have on offer is glue Almost Naked.

Clean up, when I didn’t have to peel it off, was simple enough. Warm water and soap had me squeaky clean and I chucked the Almost Naked tube into my lube box and I haven’t been near it since.

Overall, I didn’t hate the Almost Naked lube but I didn’t love it. For it being so different to standard lube, I expected a mind-blowing experience but I was sadly mistaken. I’m not going to knock Almost Naked because clearly it is a lube designed for those with vaginas, but it would have been nice to be able to fully enjoy the features that the company describes.


  • Lasts longer than your average water-based lube.
  • Smells incredible. All lube should smell this pleasant.
  • The tube design is great and has a high-end feel to it.
  • Vegan friendly and organic.


  • Sticky residue.
  • Tacky, glue-like feel.