Swiss Navy Flavoured Lube Super Post

You probably thought lubricant couldn’t get any better, right? I hate to break it to you, but it gets better – a lot better. Everyone knows lubricant is an incredible addition to sexy time that adds to the fun and ultimately helps things run smoothly. For those times that you want to take things up a notch, you should definitely give flavoured lube a go.

I received the Swiss Navy flavoured lubricants from Ferfi, free of charge for my honest review. Check them out, not because they sent me some great lube but because their products are great, high quality and affordable.

I struggled with how to structure this review because there are five different types of flavoured Swiss Navy that I was graciously sent by Ferfi so I decided I’d take the easy way and do dot points. Before detailing each flavoured lubricant though, I do want to mention that all of these lubricants are water-based and that two of them contain glycerin and three don’t so if you plan on using these lubricants during intercourse with a person who has a vagina, steer clear of the glycerin carrying ones.

Glycerin Free

Candy Cane

  • Tastes like Christmas.
  • Smells like the gel you get in those fancy teeth whitening kits.
  • Minty flavour doesn’t last very long.

Passion Fruit

  • Smells like overly sweet medicine that they try to trick kids with.
  • Tastes like tropical flavoured lollies, you know, the yellow ones people avoid in the bag.
  • Not the best but not the worst – kind of like passion fruit in real life. It’s great on pavlova and cheesecake but other than that, nobody really likes Passion Fruit.

Cooling Peppermint

  • Smells like toothpaste.
  • Tastes like an after dinner mint.
  • Feels like I just brushed my teeth.
  • Cooling sensation lasts until it adapts to body temperature.

Glycerin Filled

Pina Colada

  • Smells like Malibu and eggs.
  • Tastes like cheap perfume.
  • Does not make me want to get caught in the rain.

Chocolate Bliss

  • Tastes and Smells like chocolate syrup heaven.
  • I ate it on ice cream and couldn’t tell the difference.
  • Everyone should buy this one.

My actual favourite, considering I hate synthetic chocolate flavours and smells and I was convinced it would make me feel sick was the Chocolate Bliss. I still can’t believe how much it tastes like the real deal, every time I’ve used it; it still bums me out that it isn’t the same rich colour of the syrup I use on my ice-cream.

After trying out the flavours solo, I decided to mix things up and see how they would taste paired up – some were great, others were not.

Chocolate Bliss & Cooling Pepper Mint

  • This is the only flavour I want to taste for the rest of my life.

Passion Fruit & Pina Colada

  • The worst medicine to ever exist.

Chocolate Bliss & Passion Fruit

  • Overpowered by the chocolate, I was not bothered by this.

Candy Cane & Chocolate Bliss

  • It’s like I brushed my teeth and then drank warm chocolate milk – not great.

& Passion Fruit

  • Felt like I had rinsed my mouth out with fancy Listerine.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the flavoured range of Swiss Navy lubricants. It was a fun break from writing a “regular” lube review that didn’t end with having to shower off after trying it out but rather a big bowl of ice cream covered in Chocolate Bliss.