Fun Factory Duke Prostate Massager


I’ve had the Duke by Fun Factory close to the top of my list of dream toys for a long time now. After a week of playing around with the Duke though, I’m still trying to figure out my feelings toward the “prince” of prostate stimulators.

I received the Duke from Adult Outlet free of charge for my honest review. Check them out for some great toys that you can treat your body to.

I had my eye on the Duke for such a long time because it intrigued me. Its shape is pretty different to most prostate massagers given that it’s slightly longer with an overall length of 16.7cm and a thickness of 3.7 cm and the dark blue hue had me mesmerized. Added to the excitement was the fact that the Duke is silicone with a removable ABS plastic bullet and it is rechargeable, which in my book, makes a toy incredible. I was more than keen and excited to try it out but my excitement quickly turned to disappointment upon insertion.

The removablebullet of the Duke features 5 vibration patterns, which are all too similar in strength to really notice a difference. Once inserted you can hold down the red button for a few seconds and it’ll start up. If you’re after an earth shaking prostate massager and your prostate isn’t very sensitive, I’d skip the Duke.

In use, I slathered it up with a good quality water-based lubricant (avoid silicone, kids) and I was ready to slide it in. The Duke will leave you feeling quite full, which I definitely can’t be mad at but the vibes just don’t do it for me. I really only found enjoyable sensations from the very last setting, the best way to describe it is like a vibrating stutter that begins with rapid pulses that each last longer than the next, it cycles through these and then starts again. Clenching down, my prostate did get quite a work out but it wasn’t enough to take me to the edge. I know, I know, I’m hard to please and sadly the Duke did not succeed.

Clean up is a breeze with the Duke. Given that you can remove the bullet (it can be hard to grip onto) the entire silicone shaft can be chucked in the sink and cleaned up with warm soapy water and some toy cleaner.

Really, the only way I found possible to actually feel and enjoy the vibrations was to sit and clench – kegels are great for improving the overall tightness and strength of the anus and if you clench even the slightest you’ll feel the vibrations of the Duke. I don’t love the fact that in order to fully enjoy this toy I have to focus on clenching onto it but using the Duke, I have noticed a general improvement to the tightness down there so that’s a plus.


  • The insertible part is 100% body-safe silicone and the bullet is ABS plastic so it’s an incredibly safe toy to use.
  • Vibes are great for beginners and people new to prostate play.


  • Charger doesn’t change colour while charging or when finished so it requires a bit of guesswork before use. I charged mine up for an hour before writing this article and it died 30 minutes in.
  • Being a high-quality product from Fun Factory, I kind of expected more variety in the speed and patterns. 5 different patterns just isn’t enough to get me going.