b-Vibe Rimming Plug


I’m still buzzing after spending the past week with the b-Vibe, which if you haven’t heard is the worlds first vibrating AND rimming butt plug and have I got something to say about this guy.

I received the b-Vibe from b-Vibe, free of charge in return for my honest review.

I was head over heels the moment I found out about the b-Vibe, and when I started my blog it was immediately at the top of my dream list. I was stoked when b-Vibe allowed me to try out the b-Vibe after contacting them and I wasn’t prepared for what I received in the mail. In all its glory, not even out of its box, the b-Vibe had me swooning over its incredible high-end designed packaging. I’ve never had such a crush on the packaging of a product before, there’s just something about the b-Vibe that had me at attention from the minute I had the box in my excited hands.

On opening the stylish box, I was greeted by the hard-plastic carry case that houses the b-Vibe. It reminds me of one of those heavy-duty suitcases people travel with to protect their belongings but are hellish to carry because of their bulkiness, but in miniature form. Packaging aside, you can really see the amount of effort that went into designing every aspect of the b-Vibe; from the seamless silicone structure of the plug itself, to the flat, egg-shaped wireless controller (that works up to 30 feet away, mind you) – in my opinion, the b-Vibe is hard to fault. Use a high-quality water-based lubricant and you’re sure to enjoy every last pulse this plug puts into you.

With an insertible length of 4.8 inches and a diameter of 1.5 inch, the b-Vibe is a plug that I would recommend to those who enjoy a fuller feeling. Beginners should warm up with a smaller toy though. In use, the b-Vibe is incredibly powerful, with its 6 vibration and rotation intensity levels and the 6 vibration patterns in the tip alone the b-Vibe is definitely a luxurious toy designed for people who enjoy the buzz of powerful vibrations.

Now, I’m not sure about most folks but I’ve always had a sensitive butthole, it’s definitely somewhat of a double-ended sword situation when it comes to anal play because sometimes certain things can hurt but it’s also something I’m proud of when it comes to being on the receiving end of great sensations. That being said, the rotating beads at the base of the b-Vibe that supposedly mimic the sensation of being rimmed, are an addition that I now strongly believe should be mandatory for all butt plugs. It’s not 100% the same sensation of having a tongue down there because it’s a toy after all. But I swear my butthole was twitching up a storm the entire time it was in and given that November is all about men’s health with “Movember” being a prime example of promoting health and well-being, the b-Vibe is the perfect addition to any guys toy box. It could also be the perfect introduction toy for someone looking into experimenting with prostate stimulation and anal play, just be sure to take it easy if you fall into this category.

When the party finally ends and the b-Vibe is ready to be cleaned up, be sure to use warm water and a good quality toy cleaner. I like to pat mine dry with some paper towel before storing it back inside the hard plastic carry case.


  • The rotating beads at the base, I’m still twitching just thinking about the sensations they inflicted upon me.
  • I’ve never used a butt plug that has left me feeling full, the 1.5 inch girth will surely surprise you size queens out there.
  • Introduce this guy to your significant other and you’re sure to go crazy. Leave the remote with you partner and the power they wield will make you crumble.


  • The magnetic charger is fiddly, it tends to disconnect easily which could just be that the magnetic pull isn’t strong enough but I’m not a scientist so it could be anything.
  • It took me ten minutes to try and open the remote before use, this isn’t a fault of the toy though, I think it was just my over-eagerness and inability to grip onto things when I’m excited.