Liquid Silk Lube


Liquid Silk lube is without a doubt one of the nicest feeling lubes I’ve had the pleasure of using. Behind its simply designed bottle is a lube worthy of a spot on top of every bedside draw. I picked my bottle of Liquid Silk up at Lovehoney.

Being a water-based lube, Liquid Silk is safe to use with any and every toy you own. It does contain 2% dimethicone, which is a main ingredient in silicone-based lubes, but I’ve used it with the Walker Prostate Stimulator, that is made of silicone and it hasn’t shown any sign of being worn down. If you have any concerns though, just do a spot test on a part of the toy that won’t be entering your body, if after a while it appears that the lube is starting to bond to the toy, clean it up and use a water-based lube that’s 100% water-based.

One thing I want to point out about Liquid Silk that can be a downside is that it contains parabens. A paraben is just another name for preservatives. They’re used in many cosmetic products to extend the life of the product and to deter any bacteria from growing, but when they’re used in things like lube, things can be dicey.

Research has found that parabens included in lube can mimic estrogen and cause your hormones to act up. Parabens have also been found to cause sensitive skin to break out and induce allergic reactions, in some cases they’ve even been linked to potentially cause various cancers. This is in large doses though. Given that the level of parabens found in lubricants like Liquid Silk have been deemed low enough to be classified as safe, there is a much lower chance of your bottle of lube killing you. That being said, I’m still not a doctor so consult with your doctor if it’s something you’re worried about or if you’d just like more information.

Back to the good stuff, Liquid Silk is a fun and enjoyable lube. It’s a creamy white consistency that takes a bit of time to dry out unlike most other water-based lubes. I have found that after a while it does tend to absorb into the skin but a bit of water or spit will re-activate its slippery texture. I’ve used it with toys and during sex and the only issue I’ve encountered is that it’s hard to grip onto the pump dispenser if you’ve got lubed up hands.

Clean up couldn’t be simpler, warm soapy water and your skin is left feeling silky and fresh. It doesn’t leave you with that slick residue you get from silicone-based lubes either which is a bonus in my books.


  • The name doesn’t lie. It really is silky through and through.
  • It doesn’t have a smell or taste.
  • The pump dispenser is great for beside the bed action, it can be hard to grip onto though if your hands are already covered in lube.


  • It contains parabens. I am yet to have any sort of reaction to it but if you choose to use Liquid Silk, consult with a doctor if you have doubts.
  • The bottle isn’t bigger! 250mL is a great size but honestly, I just wish there was more. I’m greedy like that.