Swiss Navy Grease


Swiss Navy Grease is a lube that packs a punch, especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind taking a punch to the butt. Yep, I’m talking about fisting, folks and it’s about time others start talking about the “F word” as well and honestly, if you’ve never tried it, don’t even dare try to knock it.

I received the Swiss Navy Grease from Ferfi, free of charge for my honest review. Check them out, not because they sent me some amazing lube but because their products are great and affordable.

Swiss Navy Grease is a great lube. In all honesty, I was hesitant and reluctant to try an oil based lube, mainly because of my history with silicone lubes that stain and the fact that oil-based lubes tend to stick around in your body. This did not happen with the Swiss Navy Grease and I felt like I should address that as soon as possible.

Designed to transfer body heat, Swiss Navy Grease is a thick cream-like lube that manages to last a decent amount of time before having to be reapplied. It’s easily accessible in its neat little container with a simple pop-top lid making it super simple to keep beside your bed.

In use, although I didn’t make it past a few fingers, it feels like a luxury lube. In all honesty it felt great, I only had to re-apply a couple of times and before long I was covered in it. Not a bad thing while you’re going at it, but it was a bit problematic when I made it to the bathroom and managed to hit the deck a couple of times. It’s slippery, people!

The best thing about Swiss Navy Grease is that in use, you feel everything. It isn’t a lube that covers you in a slick coating; it blends with your body’s temperature, enhancing the pleasure for both the recipient and the giver so you’ll be happy to know that means no more risk of an ice-cold lube in the dead of winter!

Clean up was a bit of a hassle. Being oil-based I expected a bit of effort going into cleaning up once the fun had ended. Warm, soapy water is more than enough to do the job, your skin will be feeling a little oily afterwards but that fades after a while.


  • You feel everything. It doesn’t cover in a slick coating like most anal specific lubes. They’re always thick and kind of overwhelming, this guy though – complete opposite.
  • The container. Simple pop-top lid and its size make it perfect for travel and easily accessible.
  • It smells nice. It’s hard to describe the smell but it is no way unpleasant. I really do enjoy the smell.


  • Clean up. Being oil-based it’s always going to be a hassle cleaning up. Nowhere near as difficult as other oil-based lubes I’ve tried but still, it’s not the best choice if you’re in a rush.
  • It isn’t condom friendly. So use this wisely guys. The oil breaks down condoms and it isn’t recommended for vaginal use either. It throws out the pH levels inside the vagina which can cause a whole bunch of problems that nobody needs.