Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lube

Never did I think I’d fall in love with silicone lube. In my review of the Spunk Silicone Lube I spoke of my hate for silicone lube because a cheap bottle a few years ago ruined my bed sheets and led to the abandonment of them in the woods behind my university. The Spunk Silicone was the beginning of changing my views of silicone lube and now, the Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lube has changed the entire game.

I received the Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lube from Ferfi, free of charge for my honest review. Check them out, not because they sent me some amazing lube but because their products are great and affordable.

Packaged in a typical Swiss Navy style bottle, the Premium Anal Lube is single hand accessible with its easy access pump that can lock into place, making it great to travel with. The slim, black bottle is a great addition to any nightstand, in short – it’s a pretty fancy looking bottle of lube.

In use, the Premium Anal Lube is amazing. I started with a few drops like always and was shocked that I didn’t need to reapply for a good two hours. The warming sensation of the cloves is extremely light, if it wasn’t for the fact that I used it in the middle of winter, I probably wouldn’t even have noticed the sensation. The first time I used it I didn’t notice any numbing sensations that the use of cloves promises but on the second time around I did feel less pain when I used it with one of my silicone safe toys.

Cleanup, like all silicone lubes took a little longer than water-based, warm soapy water and you’re left with pretty soft skin so that’s definitely a bonus. Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lube comes in a 118mL and 237mL bottle. Pick yours up over at Ferfi while they have free shipping and a special deal on at the moment, buy any two items and receive 10% off.


  • It smells great. According to Swiss Navy’s website it’s supposed to smell like cloves, I don’t get cloves from it but the smell is so much better than most chemical smelling lubes.
  • It lasts for so long. Not even kidding, a few squirts and it lasted a good two hours. I still can’t get over how long it lasts.
  • It warms you up. Cloves are a natural, mild numbing agent that are great at providing warmth and comfort when it comes to anal sex. I usually avoid numbing agents because they tend to be made out of chemicals but because cloves are organic, I’m not knocking this back.


  • Cleanup. Like all silicone lubes it does require a bit of a scrub with soap and water.
  • It stains. I know, I know. I despised that old bottle of silicone lube because it stained my sheets but a quick soak in cold water and a run through the washing machine and the stains came out – unlike that other awful lube.