Bonk Water-Based Lube

Organic lubes are popping up all over the place these days and it’s about damn time. I’ve dated vegans in the past and finding vegan friendly lubes and condoms isn’t as easy as it sounds, it can also be a bit pricey because for some reason everything that’s vegan friendly costs an absurd amount of money.

Compared to most other vegan friendly brands of lube, Bonk Lube is in a league of its own. Coming in at $29.50 a tube over at Ferfi Bonk Water-Based Lube is one of the most affordable and definitely the most enjoyable vegan friendly lube on the market.

I received the Water-Based Bonk Lube from Ferfi, free of charge for my honest review. Check them out, not because they sent me some great lube but because their products are amazing and affordable.

Water-Based Bonk is made up of a whole lot of great ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Guar Gum (a thickening agent), Geogard 221 (a preservative found in most cosmetics), Harakeke Extract (New Zealand Flax plant Phormium tenax – a skin softening, healing and anti inflammatory agent) and Citric Acid. I know, I know, I said in a previous post that the Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel burned the hell out of me and I assumed it was the citric acid but I may have been wrong because the Water-Based Bonk doesn’t have any sort of a burning sensation.

In use, the Water-Based Bonk is thick and slightly mottled in colour coming out of the tube but it melts into a smooth and clear liquid cream that is extremely light on the skin and it doesn’t leave you feeling wrapped in a thick substance. The only downside I found with the Water-Based Bonk is that like most water-based lube you have to reapply it to get a decent go out of it. That can put a damper on things when you’re in the middle of a good time but it isn’t enough of an issue to not use this lube.

Clean up is a breeze; warm soapy water to get it off your downstairs and your skin is left feeling like you just used moisturizer as lube – which hey, you probably shouldn’t use moisturizer for sex, but different strokes for different folks.


  • It smells great. It’s hard to describe how it smells; it’s like a clean and natural scent. Nothing chemical-like and nothing that smells toxic.
  • 100% vegan friendly makes Water-Based Bonk great for everyone and trust me, there is nothing worse than trying to find a lube that’s vegan friendly and doesn’t smell or taste awful.


  • It does require a bit of re-applying during use. Which sucks but is expected with water-based lube.
  • Size. The 75mL tubes are great for travelling and having on your nightstand but it would be so much better if it came in a larger size.