Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel


I was excited to try out a product from Sliquid when I heard about it being such a body-safe focused company. Sliquid’s lubes are regarded as some of the highest quality because they’re made of all natural ingredients so as you can imagine, I was stoked to find out that they sell one designed for butt stuff. They’re also massive on being female friendly and anyone will tell you that’s a great thing in the sex business.

This brings me to my frustration, Sliquid Sassy Booty Gel, in a sense is not so sassy and definitely not great for the booty.

Purified water, plant cellulose, potassium sorbate and citric acid make up the natural ingredients of Booty Gel; like every other product by Sliquid it’s great that their products are all natural. It makes them so much safer for a person’s body because many regular lubes are made of synthetic products that can make them not so great and Sliquid is also 100% vegan friendly so if you’re after a cruelty free, animal safe product then Sliquid is a great start.

In use, Booty Gel is thick and clear. I definitely would not recommend it for masturbation because of its thickness, a good thick lube usually always means a great time for butt stuff but after my experience with Booty Gel, I can’t say it’s all that great. Long story short – It had me running for the shower almost immediately. I tried it with a toy and quite frankly, it ended up burning my butthole. Not a slight tingle or enjoyable shivers like you get from “warming” lubes but a full on “holy hell, Satan is coming out of my butthole”. It felt like I was being punished for having fun, and I am not about that.

Clean up was a blur, it was easy to get off my hands and it was easy enough getting it out of my butt, I did need a cold towel afterwards though because I was in so much pain.


  • I love that Sliquid is 100% vegan friendly. The products are made of natural ingredients and honestly, the safer the ingredients, the better the experience.


  • It burned me, still no clue why but it did and that’s a con in my book.