Pjur Power Cream

Pjur Power Cream had me excited the moment I got my hands on it’s tiny little tub. I popped it open and immediately memories from my childhood flooded back. Not the best way to describe opening a tub of lube, nobody wants to think of their childhood when using lube but the smell of Icy-Poles, took over. For those unaware, a bit of psych science for you – your sense of smell is the strongest sense that can be used to trigger memories so naturally I was washed over with memories of a childhood filled with lemonade ice blocks in the hot Australian summer.

Getting into it, Power Cream is a silicone/water-based hybrid. It doesn’t tell you that on the packaging – which sucks – but a quick scan of the ingredients and you get water and dimethicone aka two of the most common ingredients in water-based and silicone-based lubes, respectively. So, don’t use silicone toys and don’t be surprised when it absorbs into your skin.

Power Cream is shopped around as long lasting, oil and grease free and easily cleanable. Yes, it is oil and grease free and it cleans off easily with warm soapy water, it also leaves your skin pretty soft. What it is not is long lasting. Power Cream is a massive letdown in this field. I found myself re-applying the cream with my hand in the pot more times than it was wrapped around my dick. Which never makes fun time fun. It dries out too quickly and the more you apply, the more it just stays in place, it offers very little in the way of smooth friction and at the end of all the negatives, I still can’t stop thinking about those damn lemonade ice-blocks.

I never thought I’d find myself referring to lube as goopy but this is the only way to describe this thick, short-lasting lube. I was a bit surprised at how much the Power Cream sucked. Being a product by Pjur I expected nothing but the best so this lube has kind of swayed my opinion of Pjur; if I were to test the other silicone and water-based products they offer, my opinion may change again but I’m not holding out.


  • Smell, it smells like icy-poles. For those non-Aussies, an icy-pole is a lemonade flavoured ice block and smelling it really brings back old memories.
  • The container. It’s small, discrete and locks tight which is a massive bonus.


  • Consistency. This stuff is thick and just unpleasant; the fact that it constantly needs to be re-applied makes it so hard to enjoy.