Spunk Pure Silicone Lubricant


Lube! I love lube; it’s one of my favourite parts of sex with a partner and going solo. As great as lube is, I cannot stand silicone lube. That was until today and after having the chance to play around with Spunk Pure Silicone Lube, I have seen the light and it is slippery, smooth and fun!

I received the Spunk Pure Silicone Lube from Fox and Pony, free of charge for my honest review. Check them out because their products are amazing.

Cracking open the 118mL bottle of Spunk Silicone (also purchasable in a 235mL bottle) I was hesitant at first. My only experience with silicone-based lube wasn’t great. I was naïve and thought this cheap generic brand bottle I picked up a few years back was just like regular water-based lube. Big mistake. I got it everywhere, it stained my bed sheets and it made the uni shower block very, very slippery.

Experiencing Spunk Silicone though – entirely different story. After I had gotten myself in the mood, I popped the bottle open and squeezed a few drops out, it surprised me as to how runny the lube is. This stuff is slippery, take this as a warning and be ready to catch it.

The best thing about Spunk Silicone is that I didn’t find myself having to top up on it like every single water-based lube I’ve used. The first few drops lasted about half an hour and then I added some more and kept enjoying myself. I’m still surprised that I didn’t need much at all, I’m convinced this bottle will last me quite a while which is a great feeling.

Cleanup wasn’t as easy as cleaning up water-based lube, warm water and soap does the job perfectly fine but just make sure you get it all, rinse and repeat if necessary just to be sure of no lube sticking around. As I mentioned earlier, that cheap nasty silicone lube I bought a few years ago stained my sheets pretty badly so just to try things out I put some Spunk Silicone on my bed sheet, left it for a few hours, rinsed it out and it didn’t stain which is a massive plus in my book.


  • Feeling. Unlike water-based lube it isn’t sticky.
  • No stains!
  • It lasts! My first time using it, I used around 3 or 4 drops and it lasted a good half hour and didn’t dry out!


  • Cleanup, I’m the first to admit that I hate cleaning up after doing anything remotely sexual. Like all silicone-based lube, it doesn’t just rinse off like water-based.
  • If it came in a pump style bottle like the Spunk Hybrid it would be so much easier to access, and no risk of it leaking.
  • There isn’t an unlimited supply.