Lelo Loki


The Lelo Loki is literally the fanciest sex toy I’ve ever had the pleasure of pleasuring myself with, I’m also pretty sure that it’s the fanciest thing I own. Not sure what that says about my life but it does say that my body is in for a fancy time.

The Loki comes in what could only be described as a more than high quality box. It has this feeling about it where you just know that this toy is better than any old prostate massager. The clear cut-out window, the instructions on the back written in embossed gold lettering; it’s all a little too much for something going in your butt.

The Loki comes with a USB charging cord, a sample pack of lube, a warranty verification card, instructions and a nice little satin bag to keep him in. This little guy is also waterproof so if you’re one who likes a bit of fun in the shower or bath – who doesn’t? Take this guy in there and just enjoy yourself. Always remember to use a good quality water-based lube. The Loki is silicone so anything other than water-based will eat the toy, so you’ll end up throwing money away if you use a lube that’s just going to ruin the toy

Getting into the specs for the Loki. Measuring in at 7.9 inches with a 4.3 insertable length and a 4.5-inch circumference at its widest point, the Loki is the perfect size for anyone new to prostate play and enjoyable enough for anyone looking for a high quality, high powered prostate massager.

There are six patterns with a whole bunch of intensity levels. Each level offers incredible sensations that are more than enough to find one that will get you over the edge but I have to say, the sensations are all amazing so just enjoy all of them. The control pad is solid and steady, the buttons have raised edges making them easier to define while you’re enjoying yourself and they take a pretty firm squeeze to change so you wont lose your place by accident.







Cleanup is a breeze, after all the fun rinse the Loki under some warm water and pat-dry. Feel free to use an antibacterial toy cleaner for extra measure but each to their own.


  • Vibration intensity. This would have to be the strongest vibrating toy I’ve put in my body. It feels incredible halfway through the intensity levels, turned right up and it is amazing.
  • It isn’t only great for your prostate. I used this guy on my nipples, my perineum and my balls and it felt awesome.
  • The silicone. It’s basically the softest thing I’ve put it my butt and I don’t feel bad at all for saying that.


  • No definitive on/off button. I get that Lelo is all about sleek and simple but it can get quite frustrating having to cycle through all the vibration levels just to switch it off.
  • Length. I know this guy is specifically for prostate stimulation but even if it was just a little bit longer, it would make the experience a hell of a lot more pleasurable.