Fleshjack GO Surge


Soooo, I fell in love this weekend. I broke my Fleshlight virginity and I am never going back. The Fleshjack GO Surge by Fleshlight slipped into my life this past week. A sale over at NaughtyBoy had me snapping one up quick fast.

After a busy week studying, I finally got around to some alone time so out came Surge. Pants came off, dick got hard, dick slipped in, excellent things happened. I could end this review right now and go pick up my Surge because it feels that good but no, I will continue on because you need to know exactly why you should get one for yourself.

Getting into it, the Surge is packaged like all Fleshlight’s, a standard box with a clear cut-out window, a picture of the sleeves texture on one side and a whole lot of information on the other two sides all about your new best friend. The Surge also looks exactly like the regular old Fleshlight’s it’s just smaller. With an insertable length of 7 inches the Surge is only 2 inches smaller than the original units. So yes it will still look like you have a random flashlight lying around in your room but it wont be so overbearingly large.








The GO comes in 2 styles with the regular 3 orifices that Fleshlight offers. The Surge comes in the style of the butt or the vagina. I chose the Butt for obvious reasons. The second style is called the Torque, which is clear like the Quickshot Vantage and has a generic orifice, which basically means it doesn’t look like an unattached body part.

The internal texture of the Surge is best described as amazing. In detail, it features a series of diagonal ribs that greet you on entry. Halfway through, the larger bumps draw you in, switching up the sensations and then sliding further you’ll hit more of the diagonal ribs. And what makes it all the better you ask? This thing is tight, like super TIGHT.

When cleanup rolls around, the Surge is pretty simple. The open-ended sleeve makes it much simpler to just rinse through to get all the fun stuff out. I like to flip it inside out to pat dry if I’m in a rush and it can go straight back in to the plastic case without any sweating. A lot of reviews I read about any product from Fleshlight stated that it was always a ridiculously long task cleaning up. I don’t know how these other guys are cleaning their sleeves but it is almost too easy cleaning up this guy. Just make sure to hit it with a few sprinkles of Fleshlight Renewal Powder, or corn flour if you prefer the cheaper option, and don’t forget to rinse it before your next use or you’ll end up with a milky lube/powder mess.


  • Texture! Texture! Texture!
  • Super lightweight, this guy is amazingly light which means you can go for ages without getting a cramp.
  • Cleanup, I’ve used other sleeves that have taken a number of hours to air dry and this guy is just too simple to clean.
  • Did I mention the texture?


  • The screw cap/suction cap at the top, it would make things just that much tighter if Fleshlight followed Tenga’s design and just made a little hole in the one solid unit.
  • The little ring that holds the sleeve inside the case, I don’t know how many times this thing dislodged and had me pushing the sleeve back inside.
  • It can be a little greasy, I noticed this when I first opened it and just thought it was a result of being a new product but after a couple of uses and even a few sprinkles of corn flour, it still has this texture.

My final words in regard to the Surge – Do it! Grab a Surge! Do it for yourself, do it for the fun and do it for your penis!