Tenga 3D Spiral


The Tenga 3D Spiral is best described as a sculpted masturbator fit for a museum. The Spiral is packaged quite eloquently, placed atop a black plastic stand surrounded by a clear plastic case; it’s basically the belle of the ball, beckoning you to play with it.

The sleeve is made of a soft white body-safe medical-grade elastomer with a “spiral” texture that heightens the sensitivity of the penis with ultra fine grooves teasing every inch. Measuring in at just over 4.5 inches, the Spiral is your best mates new best friend.

The thing I love most about the Spiral is that the first thing you see is the best part. Put simply, most masturbators have all the good stuff hidden away on the inside, you can’t see the texture – unless you flip it inside out – all the great bits are tucked away. But with the entire Tenga 3D series, the very first thing you see is what you’re getting pleasure from. In my opinion, it’s a pretty great way to sell a product. That said, you still don’t know 100% what you’re buying until you’ve flipped the sleeve inside out and popped yourself inside.

Getting into it, when using any product from Tenga, or really any masturbator for that matter, always use a good quality water based lube. Silicone or oil based lubes will destroy the material that the sleeve is made from and that’s the last thing you want to happen to your new mate.

Describing the sensations of the Spiral is kind of difficult, you can actually feel every line. It wraps itself around your penis and the tighter you squeeze the more defined the strokes are, adding to the level of pleasure and bringing you that much closer to climax. It really is a great feeling and if you feel like upping the sensation, give it a good twist while you’re at it. You’ll thank me later.

Once the party has ended and the Spiral has left you feeling more than satisfied, flip the sleeve right side out, a quick rinse under some cold/tepid water to get all the fun stuff out and slide it back onto the plastic stick on its base. You should leave a bit of space between the sleeve and base if you choose to air dry, it took a good four hours for mine to air dry in the middle of winter so I’ve resorted to patting it dry with a paper towel and it’s good to pack away.


  • The size is great, it’s almost a one size fits all. Although I could only imagine guys on the thicker side may not feel the spiraled waves as intensely as those who are less thick.
  • Clean up is a 2-minute job, literally one of the easiest sleeves to clean.
  • It doesn’t smell. Unlike some lower quality sleeves, there’s no lingering smell that clings to your skin.
  • It just looks nice. It honestly looks like a fancy sculpture. I want to show it off to people and have them guess what it is.


  • If you’re on the thicker side, you might find it difficult to fit into the narrow 0.5-inch opening.
  • Tenga suggests its 3D Series is only good for about 50 uses. I’ve used mine a handful of times and it still looks as new, if you take extra good care of it you’re more than likely to get a good life out of it.
  • The clear plastic casing that houses the sleeve could have a tighter grip, every time I pick it up it just falls off and can be a bit annoying if you’re as picky as I can be.