Hello and welcome to Gay In The Middle!

I am a 20-something Australian guy who goes by the name Xander and you guessed it, I’m gay. I’m also the middle child of three – hence the name. My goal here at Gay In The Middle is to provide the Internet with a no-holds barred and semi hilarious/semi-serious source for all things sex related from a young gay man’s point of view.

I set out to create this blog after struggling to find reviews, advice and just plain and simple information in regards to sex toys, accessories and aids that weren’t written by a woman or a straight guy. Not that those kinds of blogs and websites aren’t appreciated, because hello, you are ALL appreciated. I just wanted to set up shop to help out guys who are in a similar situation as myself.

Given that I’m not a professional in any sort of field when it comes to sexual health, please take everything here as just general advice. I can’t be held responsible if you do something that your body isn’t okay with.

That said, happy reading!